Near-Future New Madrid Quake of Biblical Magnitude will Render the Physical Division of the Spiritually-Fractured United States: An 1812 Warning to America from her Father

13 May, 2011 Note-

Please find much more information within my just-published article-

21 March, 2011 Update-

It is very important that I add this prophetic vision which I received from God over one year ago to this article . . .

Vision of 13 March, 2010-

I had a migraine headache* on this day, and therefore took an afternoon nap.  I was coming out of sleep when, suddenly, in a vivid vision I saw the number 17.5 floating in the air, followed by a floating 35.0.  Just below the numbers, I saw a map of the USA with a crack down the middle, offset obviously in the general area of the Mississippi River and New Madrid Fault, with the crack widening to the North.  Tennessee looked distinctly crooked.  I saw the colors green and orange, and heard the word “tsunami”.  I saw another USA map and this time not only was the center cracked, but so were the Atlantic and Pacific coastal areas.  I awakened fully at 2:14pm.

Interpretation:  I believe that the number 35.0 represents a Latitude line, with 17.5 preceding it to show “division”, as 17.5 is half of 35.0.  In the near-term I am especially concerned about Tennessee as the southern part of the state lies on the 35 degree line of Latitude; Memphis is also on the Mississippi River and New Madrid zones and at approximately 90 degree Longitude (I dreamed a few days ago about judgment along this line which is essentially the Mississippi River/New Madrid region).  Tennessee appeared distinctly crooked as God was clearly making it stand out so that I would notice; therefore, the effect of this upcoming event on Tennessee is of grave concern!

Note added on 21, March, 2011:  I find it hard to believe that FEMA actually has a special warning for Tennessee as well (see body of my article below).  Amazing that FEMA will actually be right this time.

*Amongst Christians, there is a strong correlation between prophetic abilities and the suffering of neurological disorders, which includes migraine . . .

Written 17 March, 2011

A series of catastrophic earthquakes occurred along this fault system from December 1811 to February 1812.  The granddaddy of them all, the devastating quake of February 7, 1812 was the last major quake to strike this region.  It destroyed the town of New Madrid, Missouri, the ground rolled in waves and erupted with mud volcanoes, church bells rang as far away as New England, millions of mature trees were felled, temporary waterfalls formed on the mighty river, and the river even appeared to flow backwards in places!  This largest of the quakes may have had a magnitude of over 10, although the official government report now says “7.7” (measurement methods were not available then in that area).  If the true magnitude is over 9.2, then this represents the largest earthquake ever to strike the United States of America.

It has been speculated by several researchers that a future, massive earthquake of “Biblical proportions” might actually divide the country into two or three pieces along the New Madrid Fault System, with water from the Great Lakes rushing in to make the Mississippi River perhaps 200 miles wide in areas.  This would literally divide the country geographically, a different animal indeed than either a political or destructive “dividing”.  No less than the U.S. Government has recently sounded the alarm.  In November 2008, FEMA warned that a massive earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States,” further predicting “widespread and catastrophic” damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and particularly Tennessee, where “a 7.7 magnitude quake or greater would cause damage to tens of thousands of structures affecting water distribution, transportation systems, and other vital infrastructure.” [emphasis cmn]

When we calculate the date of America’s birth (July 4, 1776) to the date of her most destructive mid-continent earthquake (February 7, 1812), the “New Madrid Quake”, we obtain a shocking result; it is precisely 13,000 days.

From and including: Thursday, July 4, 1776  America’s Founding
To but not including : Friday, February 7, 1812  Massive New Madrid Earthquake

It is 13,000 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

I believe this represents a message from God to His fledgling country, a nation He established upon His principles to be a Gentile light to the world.  It is obvious that the number 13 is a distinctly American number, the number of “occult-selected” original colonies, revealing that the seed of the occult has likewise always been present in this land.  According to Dr. E.W. Bullinger, the number thirteen suggests “apostasy, rebellion, disintegration”; which is essentially a fruitless attempt to “one-up” God (my words)!

Yet the number 1,000 references “He Who Overcomes”, perhaps a nod to the True Church in the America of the end times, the generation which will live through a similar, but far worse, event-

There is but a single verse in the Bible with a Gematria of 13,000, and this verse seems an appropriate message for the new nation as she was to go forth and spread the Gospel in both her westward expansion as well as world-wide; Matthew 10:16-

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Perhaps a secondary message in the massive earthquake of February 7, 1812 was that these new Americans should treat the aboriginal population with respect and decency, as we must recall that 1812 was a time of great westward expansion of the United States as well as multiple military clashes with the native tribes.  In my opinion, after a review of the history of this time frame, America failed miserably in this respect.  Certainly, not many native people were converted to true Christianity at the point of a gun barrel or as they were told to “pack up and leave”.

This coming event might well be a part of the second, water, judgment that Babylon America must face as we read in the word, Revelation 18:21-

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

If so, I expect this event within the next 8 ½ years, more likely within the next 5 ½ years or even from now until the end of 2013.  My heart is grieving, sisters and brothers.  Please pray for all of the unsaved that they might come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

With Love in Christ,


Endnote:  If America continues her abandonment of Israel, and support of “Palestinian” statehood, this New Madrid event will be sooner rather than later . . .

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
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14 Responses to Near-Future New Madrid Quake of Biblical Magnitude will Render the Physical Division of the Spiritually-Fractured United States: An 1812 Warning to America from her Father

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  4. Jeane says:

    I had a very prophetic dream last year – one I call my living/breathing/full color dreams.
    I was standing on a dirt/rock road. To my left was a slight hill. In front of me (on that hill) was a warehouse/storage building – a very large one. The door was standing open and in the doorway was a long line of storage cabinets (like the kind you put in a kitchen). They were all painted azure (Illuminati) blue. They were about waist high (lower cabinets – not the ones we attach to the wall over the sink – etc.) I was standing there on the rock road gazing up at each individual cabinet. I had just moved and had little furniture and the “blue” would fit in one of my rooms. I wondered how much the one in the middle would cost when I heard the Lord’s voice in the dream. He said – “it’s not there.” I said, “Lord I don’t understand, what do you mean – ‘it’s not there.’??” He said that cabinet appears to be there – all the cabinets appear to be connected to each other with hardware – they appear to be interacting with each other – but THAT cabinet IS NOT THERE. It does NOT exist – it is an illusion.” Upon waking I understood that He was telling me that there was someone coming (actually already here) that appeared to be there – appeared to be interacting with the others – but in fact does not exist.

    Antichrist Gematria appears to show that our leader is only an image. It also points to our leader being a creation of Pixel Animation Studio (Disney). If you check most of the pictures carefully you will (easily) see that they have been photoshopped. Many of the older pictures – the people in the pictures are not actually looking at him. Their eyes are focused somewhere else. His “image” has been placed in the middle of everyone around him. Gates has thousands and thousands of pictures stored in an underground vault in the state of Washington. Wozniak has just recently stated that the world would soon be taken over by a master computer and that humans would be pets.

    Here is a very interesting article that aligns with this:

    • Wow! Jeanne, that is one very impressive dream. Now, while this all may seem to some to be “way out there”, I am open to the possibility that there is truth in this. You have now mentioned antichrist Gematria in association with BHO several times. I would love to see your research on this. If you want, please e-mail to me at-

      Blessings, sister, and thanks for sharing.


      P.S.: Just read the article- awesome! I especially like the part “Strange, very strange”! I recommend the link for all to check out, great stuff and great questions!

  5. KaLaMar says:

    I believe that this is happening now. If you look at the “Booming” going on in Clintonville, WI a fault is opening up in that area now. They are very close to two of the great lakes, espicially Lake Michigan. The fault runs from the Great Lakes all the way through the state of WI and right into the Mississippi River.

    • Hi KaLaMar;

      Thanks so much for your comment- great catch! Actually, this is true, the fault system itself is much more extensive than it is shown even on detailed maps. This could explain the booming for sure. I have no doubt that this new quake is coming . . . but when? Many say it is imminent. I keep praying that many more people will come to Christ with each day of delay in His judgment.

      Thanks again, and blessings to you,


  6. Susan says:

    Your dream of the Mississippi widening is the same dream my boss had. He was looking down on the earth from far above and he saw a volcano erupting in Oregon, the Mississippi widening by miles and the boarders of the US disappearing. He had this dream many many times. I asked him when this was suppose to happen. He said he didn’t know, just that he keeps having the same dream over and over. He asked how he could get a date….. I told him every night as he’s falling asleep repeat to yourself I need to see a date, I need to see a date. Two weeks later he came up to me all excited. He said, “I got a date” I looked at him and said a date for what? He said you know, my dream I got a date. I looked in his eyes all excited and asked him well? He said Nov. 2012. I asked how did you see the date. He focused in on the back end of a car and the tags read Nov. 2012. He got this info in 2011. We have both been preparing for something coming. Why? Because he dreamed about 911 before it happened too. So I’m not going to disreguard this dream when he’s already had a dream that came true.

    • Hi Susan;

      It is really fascinating that your boss had a very similar dream. Now, I have not dreamed of an Oregon volcano erupting, but I have read such dreams and this seems to be a common theme, as are the US borders disappearing. I do suggest, however, that a “disappearing” around coastal areas does not necessarily suggest a tsunami-type event, but this could possibly represent multiple nuclear attacks on coastal cities (not anticipating this in November, 2012 however).

      License plates in dreams certainly can contain prophetic messages, so this was a powerful way to receive this date. Remember, a car in a dream is a “ministry”. Assuming that your boss was praying fervently to God to give him more insight, this could be a legimate date range alright. We shall know soon. Three years ago when I asked God “when, Lord?” He sent me a dream of an asteroid and He also sent an actual asteroid on the very same night!

      I agree with you that you should not disregard your boss’s dream since he has had prophetic dreams before. Rather, take it to the Lord in prayer and ask Him specifically what He would have you do. Actions depend to some degree on your geographic location, of course. Also keep in mind that your boss may have been dreaming of some major event in November 2012 not necessarily related to the Mississippi River, borders, and Oregon volcano. For one thing, we’ve got a hugely important election coming up and a lot of tension over that as well. Alternately, God may send a huge event to wake up the people of this nation no matter who is elected!

      Lots to watch for, certainly. Please take everything before the Lord in prayer, Susan. I thank you so much for sharing this stunning dream as well as the date.

      Abundant Blessings,


  7. Shofar says:

    Thanks Carlos for sharing your vivid vision just over 3 years ago! As God has destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah nearly 4000 years ago, He will surely do the same, except if we repent & return to Him. America is also in a critical situation if our leadership now try to broker ‘another peace treaty’ by advocating the division of God’s covenant land- Israel.

    Please see my latest post ‘Apocalyptic Events- the Wrath of God in the Endtimes. It is found at 2013 may be a very critical year! Please also see the 4 Prophetic Warnings of a Terrible New Madrid Earthquake hyperlinked at the end of my post!

    • Thank-you, Drgold, for your comment!

      I checked out your blog and scanned several posts. You are doing some great work in getting the word out! I especially appreciate your America articles and was quite taken in particular with your analysis of the Paul Harvey show.

      It is amazing how many people are seeing a “split” of America right at the Mississippi River/New Madrid. In addition to the published accounts, I get e-mails from people who have also seen this in the Spirit. Certainly, the interpretation is first spiritual in nature, that there will be a spiritual great divide; this has happened and continues to progress. However, it appears also that there will be a physical manifestation of the division and, of course, it is related to America’s grievous sins as well as to the dividing of God’s land.

      Thanks again for a wonderful comment, and may you be richly blessed,


      P.S.: I have written more on the New Madrid here-

      • Shofar says:

        Hi Carlos

        Thanks for your reply! I read your very interesting… mississippi-river-2013-code. It was very profound in meaning like the 2552 miles of the River minus 539 BC, the fall of Babylon= 2013! WOW! I’m looking forward to Part II!

        Also Isa 47:12 states ‘Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail’.

        I wrote a paper on Satan’s Sorceries- the Destruction of the US$. It can be found at

        Thank you again!
        God speed!

      • Hi Drgold;

        Thanks for your comment reply. Yes, Isaiah 47:12 is quite the verse; those “sorceries” again that we read about also in Revelation.

        Thanks for the link, too- I had already read it and I appreciate all of your work!

        Part II is very long and difficult, but God willing I shall finish it by late summer. I feel that it is an extremely important article. As you can tell, Part I did involve a lot of research and Part II is much the same, but even more complicated.



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