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America’s Lost Innocence- Prophetic Dream from God Almighty

[Quick update of 17 February, 2012– in response to the prophetic events which have occurred in America the past two weeks, I have been in deep intercession as the country’s ultimate, fiery fall rapidly approaches.  I often recall and shed … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Numberer of Secrets, Palmoni “That Certain Saint”

Introduction: In Chapter 8 of Daniel, the Prophet has a most amazing vision!  He is at the River Ulai and meets the Angel Gabriel and one other heavenly being named “that certain saint” in many English translations (8:13).  While I … Continue reading

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The September 11 Attacks- A Prophetic Forewarning

Dream of September 11, 2001, approx. 6:10am CST, America This very short night vision was nevertheless shocking.  As background, I was staying in the US state of Minnesota.  In the dream, I was outside talking to my sister.  A huge … Continue reading

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The Fall of Jericho- God’s Judgment “Twenty-fold”, with Profound Implications for America

16 January, 2011 Update– This “hot off the press” from Fox News, courtesy of Garden Girl- “U.S. Inflation Could Rise Twentyfold” at- Original Post Follows– In 2009 blogger Garden Girl published an excellent article entitled “20 Fold, 20 Fold, … Continue reading

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Prophetic Meaning for America of the December 20-21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse

“The darkness of the satanic blood sacrifice of America’s innocents stains her soil as God’s judgment fast approaches” Excellent work on the potential prophetic significance of the recent lunar eclipse has been accomplished by Ultraguy of Newine- and by … Continue reading

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