Madonna, Super Bowl XLVI, and the Revealing of the Harlot of Babylon

Update 28 January, 2013

Beyonce is another totally deceived tool of the occult- again, it looks like we’ll be treated to a very “nice” satanic show on Sunday!  I plan to link some articles about her and Babylon connections as the day approaches.  For now, just expect another very dark halftime show and disturbing commercials.  Please continue reading for the astounding Madonna connections to the imminent fall of America . . .






[by C.M.N., 10 Feb. of 2012]

Update 1 September, 2012

Decent Yahoo article follows; bit of a trip down nostalgia lane for those of us who were young back in the 80’s; interesting embedded videos for you Madonna fans-


Update 6 April 2012-

Well, Madonna’s career is going wonderfully in the wake of her stunning halftime show.  Her new album “MDNA” is on top of the charts-

Here is an excellent article which goes into detail covering the satanism present throughout Madonna’s career; H/T GardenGirl for this link-

I agree that this certainly did not begin with the Super Bowl; hopefully, however, since her performance many more spiritual eyes have been opened in this country to the truth about the Harlot and specifically what she portrays.

Update 10 February, 2012

A must-see video follows.  They analyze both the game and half-time show, and their conclusions precisely match what I have prophesied in this article- that Madonna represents the Whore of Babylon and that America will be burned with fire.  Watch, then come back and patiently read every word of this lengthy article.  The pieces of the puzzle should begin to fall into place.  Please!  The destruction of America Babylon is fast approaching.

By Sackcloth & Ashes, this is entitled-


Update 6 February, 2012

Certainly, Madonna’s half-time show profoundly confirmed the conclusions reached in this article, all Praise to God.  That said, an in-depth analysis of the blatant and pervasive occult symbols and messages contained within the entirety of the Harlot’s 13 minute show is beyond my area of expertise.  Fortunately, the immensely-talented Sharon Gilbert has written a wonderful piece about this topic, and I send you now to her must-read article which explains the entire performance-

Here’s another good “post-show” analysis which confirms the Ishtar connection-

I will only discuss one amazing confirmation.  In the body of my article below , you will see the following about Madonna’s 2790 weeks of life (as of the game) and the word “harper”-

Strong’s Greek-2790 is

κιθαρωδος kitharodos {kith-ar-o’-dos} from 2788 and a derivative of the same as 5603;; n m AV – harper 2; 2 1) a harper, one who plays the harp and accompanies it with his voice

Essential, a musician, a singer  . . . this word occurs in only 2 verses in the Holy Bible, and in both verses the topic has to do with America, Babylon the Great.  In the first case, mention of Babylon will not appear until later in the chapter, specifically in Revelation 14:8 (“Babylon is fallen, is fallen”).  Here they are; first Revelation 14:2

“And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:”

Then Revelation 18:22, which is a pronouncement of the utter devastation which America will face

“And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;”

It turns out that Madonna actually strummed an “angel harp” or lyre during the ceremony; photo courtesy of the Mail Online is shown here-

The Harlot Harper Harpens with her Harp?

The music of the harp is, Biblically, the music of the prophetic.  Prophets would often prophesy with the harp, not only with words.  We can therefore conclude that the Harlot (a type of false prophet) was presenting a powerful, prophetic message through this occult ceremony.

Update 1 February, 2012

H/T to dc for the following link-

The author also makes the Mother Goddess connection with Madonna, and gets into other fascinating information!  Please read!


[Original article of 28 January, 2012 below]-

Madonna & Sunday Bowl XLVI

The selection of pop icon Madonna to headline this year’s Super Bowl halftime show is surprising to many.  After all, critics are quick to point out that she is well past her prime as an entertainer.  But her selection is no surprise to this watchman.  Who better to entertain the Babylonian masses during their biggest party of the year (2012, no less) than the woman who herself is in effect the embodiment of the spirit of the Harlot of Babylon?  It seems that my original article, which comprises the latter portion of this expose and published back in very late 2010, was actually well timed.  The occult elite certainly have their reasons for selecting Madonna; this is a “signal” or an announcement hinting at their plans to destroy America and thereby bring in the New World Order.  If you doubt me, then the words of the Holy Bible should make it very clear that the surprise nuclear attack on Babylon America is a great conspiracy; Revelation 17-

16And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

 17For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

The “harlot” is America, the ten horns are future leaders of the already established political jurisdictions within the near-future New World Order (not a “revived Roman Empire”!), and the “beast” is clearly the antichrist who will head the New World Order.  It is by now obvious to the occult elite that pesky superpower America has to be “out of the way” in order for them to ever bring their luciferian campaign for world dominance to fruition; thus, the conspiracy to eradicate this nation via a nuclear firestorm.  In addition, they certainly have the right Administration in place currently to help facilitate their vile plans, although this event may yet be months to a few years away.

The selection of Madonna, and her performance, may also point to another preliminary event which they plan to precede the main event of America’s destruction.  This is mere speculation, but would be consistent with the way they operate.

Here is an official press release about Madonna and her upcoming Super Bowl appearance, as announced on 4 December, 2011* (bold emphasis C.M.N.)-

The NFL officially announced that Madonna will perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The game and performance will air on NBC.

The singer, who gained fame in the 1980s and became the top-selling female artist of all time, has had several popular songs, including “Material Girl,” “Like a Virgin” and “Papa Don’t Preach,” among many others. She last released an album in 2008, titled “Hard Candy.”

Madonna has a new film, “W.E.” that will be released in theaters throughout the country on Feb. 3, 2012.

According to an NFL press release, the Super Bowl halftime show is the most-watched musical event of the year. More than 162 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s show.

According to Wikipedia, Madonna is expected to perform “Gimme All Your Lovin’”, “Holiday”, “Vogue”, “Ray of Light”, and “Music”.  I would expect that her show might be quite “gay friendly”.  Here’s a quote from the article below, a gossip column if you will- 1.1011346?localLinksEnabled=false

MADONNA is “bringing gay to the Super Bowl.” That’s what we overheard one of her dancers say at the premiere party for Her Madgesty’s “W.E.” at Top of the Standard on Monday night. On the red carpet, Madonna told us she’s “extremely nervous” about the big game, but looking forward to singing her new song, “Give Me All Your Love,” and some “oldies but goodies.”

Reactions to Madonna’s Selection

From an article in Advance Indiana, dated 8 December, 2011 and entitled “Super Bowl XLVI Half-Time Act In All Her Material Girl Glory” (bold emphasis C.M.N.)-

The Material Girl managed to accomplish what no other person on this earth has been able to do: unite Catholics, Jews and Muslims in shared outrage**. It seemed Madonna thought it would be hip to stage a mock crucifixion during a scheduled concert performance in Rome next to the Vatican. As the Daily Mail reported on one of the many controversies involving the attention-seeking diva:  Rome’s Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders have united to condemn pop star Madonna’s decision to stage a mock-crucifixion when she performs in the Italian capital on Sunday a stone’s throw away from Vatican City.  The lapsed-Catholic diva’s latest irreverent performance sees her wearing a fake crown of thorns and descending on a suspended, glittery cross as part of her worldwide ‘Confessions Tour’.


*Precisely one year to the very day of my profound dream “The Crash of the Laodicean Church of America”, in which I witnessed a jumbo jet plunging straight downward into a grassy hill, and was then swallowed up by the abyss.  This dream is blogged here-

**C.M.N. Note- uniting Catholics, Jews and Muslims is what the False Prophet will apparently be able to accomplish, although his/her reign as sidekick to the antichrist comes after America Babylon’s destruction . . .


From an article by Susan Brinkmann, dated 7 October, 2011 and entitled “Just Say ‘No!’ to Madonna’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show!” (bold emphasis C.M.N.)-

Because of her long history of religious provocation, Catholics are rallying across the country to convince the NFL not to feature Madonna during Super Bowl XLVI.

‘The NFL would do well to drop any plans it may have about inviting Madonna to perform during the Super Bowl,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.  For decades, Madonna has blatantly offended Christians, especially Catholics. The offensive lyrics, lewd behavior and misappropriation of sacred symbols are reason enough not to have her perform.’  Even worse, ‘she has repeatedly mocked the heart and soul of Christianity: Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, the Eucharist and the Crucifixion,’ he says.

Madonna has long been known for producing videos that use Catholic imagery in a highly sexualized manner. The singer, who is more closely related to the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah than her native Catholicism, also offended thousands with her 2006 ‘Confessions’ tour in which she performed while suspended on a cross and wearing a crown of thorns.

Now, for a rather opinionated and crude yet accurate view from-

In the corrupt arena of US pro sports, NFL and NBC announced the truly uplifting, inspiring news that none other than super-tramp Madonna will perform at next year’s Super Bowl at half-time.  So why did they pick the slut who has debauched the morals of probably millions of young girls?  They’re probably rewarding her for all the damage she has done to this country and to America’s Christian morality.

I certainly don’t disagree with this assessment, on the surface.  However, “they” are big on symbolism, and it is because “she” is “the” Harlot embodiment that this choice was made at this particular time in the nation’s waning years (and I say “waning” as in “judgment is imminent”).

A Few Fascinating Connections

Super Bowl 46 will take place in Lucas Oil Stadium.  An investigation of the word “Lucas” will show that it is derived from leuk meaning “light”, “brightness”; or the root verb meaning “to shine”.  This seems to point to each individual person’s choice of either of two contrasting lights to follow; that is, the true light, Jesus Christ, or the false light of this world, the “light-bearer” Lucifer.  Practically everything about the “Super Bowl” would seem to point to a celebration of the latter.

Madonna was born on 16 August, 1958, precisely 2790 weeks and a day from Super Bowl Sunday at which she will perform.

Strong’s Greek-2790 is-

κιθαρωδος kitharodos {kith-ar-o’-dos} from 2788 and a derivative of the same as 5603;; n m AV – harper 2; 2 1) a harper, one who plays the harp and accompanies it with his voice

Essential, a musician, a singer  . . . this word occurs in only 2 verses in the Holy Bible, and in both verses the topic has to do with America, Babylon the Great.  In the first case, mention of Babylon will not appear until later in the chapter, specifically in Revelation 14:8 (“Babylon is fallen, is fallen . . .”).  Here they are; first Revelation 14:2-

And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

Then Revelation 18:22, which is a pronouncement of the utter devastation which America will face-

And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;

This is the Day of the Lord, a day in which “the music will die”.  Please see my analysis of Don McLean’s prophetic song “American Pie” linked here-

And for those interested my analysis of A.A. Allen’s vision of America’s destruction closely relates as well-

Madonna was named High Priestess of Kabbalah on February 21, 2005; Super Bowl XLVI is almost precisely seven years later, 7 being a most powerful number indeed which represents “spiritual perfection and completion”.

It is likewise no coincidence that Madonna will be performing in the occult hub of Indianapolis.  Here is what a Midwestern friend told me about Indianapolis, back in 2009-

Indianapolis is a very occult city.  There’s Masonic stuff everywhere; it’s sickening.  I get a real uneasy feeling whenever I have to go there on business.  There is an oppressive evil that I can just feel in my body.  I especially hate to spend the night in that place (since) it’s just rife with the spirit of freemasonry.

Of course, I eagerly dove into some research about the city, and did find out some disturbing information about the heritage.  The Scottish Rite cathedral and Monument Circle are especially occult in design, although I realize that this may be considered almost “par for the course” in an American city, sadly.  Still, there is clearly something “special” about Indianapolis in this regard, based on what I have gleaned from others, and I am certainly looking forward to being enlightened by first-hand accounts from either Indianapolis residents or visitors to the city.

This disturbing video is entitled “Indianapolis‘s masonic pagan paradise”.  I must make it clear that I distance myself from their methods, although I understand the frustration.  Their response was inappropriate, and certainly not the best way to handle the situation.  I only post it here as I was unable to find another suitable video on Indianapolis and the occult.  Here is the short video (Warning – some grammatical errors and unsettling footage)-

Personally, I get a sickening feeling and cold chill every time I go by a Masonic lodge or a goddess statue, a repulsive feeling surpassed only by my driving past an Islamic mosque.  Well, truth be told both Masons and Muslims worship lucifer, so this stands to reason.  Despite all this, we are of course to witness to these people and show them the love of Jesus Christ.

The fact that this is Super Bowl 46 does not escape my notice.  Intriguingly, the 46 of Super Bowl number XLVI reflects the number of chromosomes in cells of the human body; that is, 23 pairs.  Furthermore, I have written extensively on President Obama and his Psalm 46 “I am God” outrage of 11 September, 2011, in which his mouth blasphemously uttered “Be still, and know that I am God”-

So, let’s take a look at the numbers, something these vile ones are obsessed with, but since God is the One who created numbers, it is He and only He who can reveal the entire truth-

From and including: Sunday, September 11, 2011  Obama Psalm 46 “I AM God

To, but not including: Sunday, February 5, 2012  Madonna Super Bowl 46- she is the Harlot

It is 147 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date; this is-

  • 21 weeks

Weeks being perhaps the most important standard time parameter for the understanding of end times prophecy and prophetic clues, let’s check the meaning of the number 21.

Next we turn to the Bible Wheel for the Biblical significance of this profound number, which contains shades of Revelation in that it is . . . 7+7+7 (think seals, trumpets, vials) . . . quoting from-

The Number 21 – I AM

And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Exodus 3.14

The Divine Name I AM THAT I AM is God’s memorial name unto all generations.  God defined it this way so that when the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth and declared this name, there would be no question as to His identity as Almighty God.

God actually gave two names in Exodus 3.14.  The long form I AM THAT I AM and the short form I AM.  We have the identity:

 (Ehyeh, I AM) = 21

The Number 21 is the Sixth Triangular Number, which means it is the sum of all the digits up to and including six (number of man):

21 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = Sum (6)

The Number 21 factors as:

21 = 3 x 7

The Numbers 3 and 7 are a kind of division of Unity in the sense of 10 = 3 + 7.They play an essential role in Creation. Most notably in the value of Genesis 1.1:

Sum Genesis 1.1 = 2701 = 37 x 73

The Number 2701 is the 73rd Triangular Number, and both 37 and 73 are primes; in fact, they are palindromic primes!

The Number 21
I AM [Ex 3.14]
Meditation [S# 1901]
Joyful, Good [S# 3190]
Surely, Truly [Ps 23.6]

I think what we are to glean from this is that the usurper President Obama represents direct opposition to the One True “I AM” and, furthermore, that Madonna is absolutely the true Harlot, that is the embodiment of the spirit of Ishtar (which is moreover found in brazen bronze idol form as the Statue of Liberty).  Madonna’s performance can therefore be thought of as her pronouncement to the entire world-

I Am the Harlot

And, in addition, America is Babylon the Great, the Harlot nation!  When you listen to the Star Spangled Banner before the Super Bowl on the 5th of February, please keep the findings of this article in mind as well as the slam dunk proof which the Lord led to me about the identity of Babylon as America in the Book of Revelation, published here-

Here’s an excerpt or very brief summary, but it is imperative to read or at least scan the article to see the remarkable verification!-

The evidence presented in this article truly should “strike the fatal blow” to the erroneous, but still prevalent, theory that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) represents the Harlot, and therefore that the destruction by fire will happen to Rome and/or the Vatican.  Proponents of this theory like to point to the white, scarlet, and purple adorned by popes, cardinals, and bishops as part of the “evidence” that the Harlot is the RCC.  Now that we know it was actually “red, white, and blue (specifically, Old Glory blue)” which John witnessed in his profound vision while (physically) on the Greek Isle of Patmos this should be put to rest (see Revelation 17:4 & 18:16).  Additional scriptural evidence for America, and against the RCC, for the title of “Babylon the Great” is also overwhelming, and has been exhaustively presented by R.A. Coombes in his 2-part classic “America, the Babylon:  America’s Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy“.

If all of this has not yet convinced you that something profound is occurring in terms of the selection of Madonna at this year’s Super Bowl, perhaps this will.  Madonna was born at Mercy Hospital in Bay City, Michigan, a fact which I discuss later in this article.  The distance from Lucas Oil Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLVI, to Mercy Hospital, is 252 Nautical miles (“click” for larger view).

This is the number associated with ancient Babylon and, therefore, by Biblical precedent with America, end times Babylon, as well.  Here are a few intriguing considerations about 252 (remember, it is a numeric equivalent to 2520)-

1– The “writing on the wall” in Daniel 5:25-26 corresponded to Babylonian coinage units totaling “2520” (source- “Temple at the Center of Time:  Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012” by the late David Flynn, a man who profoundly influenced both my research pursuits and my Christian walk).  God’s own hand personally wrote this message/number on the wall of Belshazzar’s palace on the night that Babylon fell.  Yes, lamentably, President Obama is clearly a “type” of Belshazzar-

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin = 2520

Daniel 5-

24Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written.

25And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.

26This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

27TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

28PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

2– 2520 is the product of the perfect numbers 3, 7, 10, and 12

3– 2520 is 360 (days in a prophetic year, degrees in a circle) x 7

The fall of Jericho is related to 2520; Jericho 6:4 (in part)-

. . . the seventh day ye shall compass the city seven times, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets

360 (circle) x 7 = 2520

4– The word “Babylon” occurs in the King James Version of the Holy Bible precisely 252 times-

Verse Count: 252

5– The Deepwater Horizon disaster of 20 April, 2010, clearly a judgment on America, had as its offshore address-

“Mississippi Canyon Block 252

This event ties into the vision of A.A. Allen (linked above) and, in my opinion, serves as a time “marker” if you will.  Bottom line for America?  Time is very, very short now.

Summary of Super Bowl Indicators

My prayer is that you will not see this Super Bowl in quite the same “light” as previous ones you have watched, but rather that you will be more in tune with what is going on in the spiritual realm as evidenced by the half-time show.  More importantly, to me, than your acceptance of Madonna as a “type” of the Harlot is your acceptance of America as Babylon the Great.  This is absolutely critical, and the implications of this recognition are staggering, and especially so if you are an American.  Therefore, if you are not yet a member of the True Church then I must urgently state that it is time to, spiritually, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” [Revelation 18:4].  May God bless all of you.

With Love in Christ,




And the woman (harlot) was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:”  Revelation 17:4

And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”  Revelation 17:5

And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!”  Revelation 18:16


Original article of 18 December, 2010 follows (with new paragraph about “Madonna of the Seven Hills”), which was entitled-

Madonna aka “Esther”: A Type of the Harlot of Babylon?- Documented, Astounding Connections to Mother Goddess Ishtar


Ever since Madonna exploded onto the pop music scene in October of 1983, a host of writers and culture watchers have pointed out that the mega-star performer might well bear a striking resemblance to the “Harlot of Babylon”, spiritually at least. This idea is nothing new. But, just who is the Harlot of Babylon, biblically, and can we actually call Madonna a prophetic “type” of this demonic spirit or goddess? I believe that we can. The original research which follows will prove this assertion.

The Harlot Shakes Her Body

This research is entirely the product of my following the Holy Spirit in the direction in which He led. I have nothing personal against Madonna; in fact, I used to be a fan of her music. Madonna is immensely talented in my opinion, and she continues to churn out the hits and retain her popularity, although now into her sixth decade of life. I still have in my collection Madonna’s original Greatest Hits CD, perversely entitled “The Immaculate Collection”. Gene Sculatti wrote an impressive introduction to the music within the CD insert, which starts out . . . “The Coolest Queen of White Heat” . . . “An outrageous blend of Little Orphan Annie, Margaret Thatcher and Mae West” . . . “Narcissistic, brazen, comic . . . the Goddess of the Nineties . . .

The Harlots Blasphemous Collection

I would go a step further and call Madonna the personification of the “Goddess of end times Babylon, Babylon the Great”. This article will demonstrate Madonna’s connection to this biblical entity known as the “Harlot”.

The Birth of Madonna

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone entered the world at 7:05 a.m. on August 16, 1958. It was a Sabbath morn. Madonna was born on a New Moon, which was in the sign of Virgo; the Virgin, the Madonna. Her mother’s first name was also “Madonna”; therefore, Madonna the pop icon is a “second” Madonna, a “daughter of Madonna” if you will. She was born at Mercy Hospital on the East Side of Bay City, Michigan, USA, address 100 15th Street.

A Harlot Is Born

The Harlot, or Whore, of Babylon is best known from the following verses, Revelation 17:4-5:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

The Harlot Rides the Beast

A Madonna premise

Following is the gist of my theory with which I began this research . . . Ishtar was the reigning goddess of ancient Babylon and is likewise the reigning goddess of modern Babylon. I believe that the Statue of Liberty clearly depicts Ishtar. I also believe that the Babylonian goddess Sheshach is the equivalent of Ishtar, and that Ishtar is also referred to as the “queen of heaven” in Jeremiah (hereafter referred to within this article as “Queen of Heaven” when separate from the Jeremiah connection). Further, I am certain that the woman carried within the ephah (Zechariah 5) is this same demonic entity, Ishtar. Finally, I believe that Madonna is a “type” of Ishtar symbolizing end times Babylon, America. I further believe that Madonna perfectly illustrates the ideals which are actually represented within the Statue of Liberty aka Ishtar, the main ideal being “freedom from God”. Before I discovered the following profound biblical connection between Madonna and the Babylonian “mother goddess”, I already sensed that there was a spiritual likeness connecting Madonna with the Statue of Liberty aka Ishtar.

Ishtar, the Statue of Liberty, Sheshach, the woman in the ephah, and the Queen of Heaven are the same “entity”, and all represent the “Harlot” of Revelation! Madonna is the premier end times personification of this Harlot!

The Goddess Sheshach & Madonna

Knowing through the Holy Spirit that there existed a definite connection between Madonna and the Statue of Liberty, I felt compelled to check something. The following result strongly supports this startling connection!

Duration calculation results courtesy of

From & including: Thursday, October 28, 1886- Statue of Liberty dedicated in Masonic ceremony

To, but not including: Saturday, August 16, 1958- Madonna born on New Moon Sabbath

It is 26,224 days from the start date to the end date

26224 / Pi = 8347 (and change)

Researching this number further, from

Strong’s Number H8347

ששך Sheshak {shay-shak’} of foreign derivation; TWOT – 2475; n pr loc AV – Sheshach 2; 2 Sheshach = “thy fine linen” 1) another name for Babylon apparently taken from the goddessShach

This word “Sheshach” is found in only two verses, both in Jeremiah (25:26 & 51:41). Incredibly, one verse refers to ancient Babylon and the other verse to end times Babylon! The two countries, across more than 2500 years, are both identified by the goddess Sheshach! It is my contention that, in God’s view, both ancient Babylon and America are “Babylon”.

Noting above that one meaning of Sheshach is “thy fine linen”, compare to Revelation 18:16-

And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

Also, note how the description of the “city” matches the description of the “woman” in Revelation 17:4 above! The City = Babylon & The Woman = Babylon!

This represents a stunning connection between the goddess Sheshach in the book of Jeremiah, who represents ancient Babylon at the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, and the woman of Revelation, who depicts Babylon the Great of our time. Sheshach is quite clearly the goddess of end times Babylon! It is apparent to me that “Sheshach” is another term for “Ishtar”, and I am certain that Ishtar is the deity represented by the Statue of Liberty. “That great city” I believe to be New York City, as well as America in general, as both are represented by the Statue of Liberty sitting at the entrance of city and nation.

Here are the two verses from Jeremiah in which “Sheshach” is encountered-Jeremiah 25:26– “And all the kings of the north, far and near, one with another, and all the kingdoms of the world, which are upon the face of the earth: and the king of Sheshach shall drink after them”

The verse above clearly describes ancient Babylon; in fact, Babylon is directly called “Sheshach”. However, this implies that the designation “Sheshach” can also be applied to modern Babylon.

Jeremiah 51:41- “How is Sheshach taken! and how is the praise of the whole earth surprised! How is Babylon become an astonishment among the nations!Note- “astonishment” is rendered as “desolation” or “object of horror” in other translations.

Clearly, Sheshach = Babylon in Jeremiah 51:41. Bible scholars generally agree that Jeremiah Chapters 50 and 51 describe end times Babylon, not ancient Babylon. These scholars are generally in accord on this subject; no matter that they might disagree on which country they believe to actually represent end times Babylon. These Chapters cannot refer to ancient Babylon, in part owing to the fact that ancient Babylon was clearly never destroyed by the means in which Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed (Jeremiah 50:40). My contention is that Jeremiah Chapters 50 & 51 is a description of the United States of America.

Here are two more fascinating interpretations of “Sheshach” from, first, Streane’s Jeremiah-

Sheshach: There is no reason to doubt that Babylon is here intended by this name.


Sheshach: she’-shak; sheshakh, as if “humiliation.” (ISBE)

Sadly, it seems to me that the term “humiliation” suits pop icon Madonna to a tee.

Lest you believe that the method of dividing by Pi represents some kind of “gimmick”, I can assure you that it does not! In fact, using this method I have uncovered several profound things (as yet mainly unpublished). I chalk this up to the fact that Pi is God’s sacred number, and that He has preset sacred secrets within it for us to discover, if only we apply Pi properly. I truly believe that this number has been encoded by God for His purpose of revealing amazing truths in these end times! Certain members of David Flynn’s “Watcher Forum” in particular have been near the forefront of research into applications of Pi within biblical studies-

My contention is that by the proper usage of Pi one can discover sacred secrets which are otherwise obscured, which I believe is fully supported by the findings outlined in this article.

The word Sheshach, as explained here previously, has been interpreted variously by scholars, with a very likely meaning being, as noted above, “thy fine linen,” which, again, would dovetail neatly with the description of end times Babylon in Revelation 18:16: “that great city that was clothed in fine linen, purple, and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls.” This implies a direct connection between Sheshach and the Statue of Liberty.

The Harlot Wears Red, White, & Blue

The Statue of Liberty, the Woman in the Ephah, & Madonna

The pagan origin of the Statue of Liberty is undeniable (see William Dankenbring’s “Is the Statue of Liberty Pagan?”) The sculptor was Auguste Bartholdi, a member of the Masonic Lodge in Paris. Originally, Mr. Bartholdi was planning to construct a giant statue of the Egyptian Queen of Heaven “Isis” (another name for Babylonian Ishtar) to overlook the Suez Canal. This statue of Isis was to be of a robed woman holding aloft a torch! Well, his plans changed and he was instead commissioned to work on a gigantic bronze effigy to be awarded to the people of America. Finally, after years of planning, designing, and intense labor the Statue of Liberty was completed, transported to America in pieces, put together, and finally dedicated in a Masonic ritual on the afternoon of October 28, 1886. On that historic day, President Grover Cleveland (himself a Freemason sympathizer) stated:

We will not forget that liberty here made her home; nor shall her chosen alter be neglected

To properly decode the President’s words, we must replace “liberty” with “Ishtar”; the word “liberty” is strictly Masonic double speak! In Masonic language, “liberty” means “freedom from God” means “Ishtar”! It is clear that Ishtar made her home in America, officially, on that autumn day in 1886. I believe that the Statue’s departure from Europe and arrival in America is the very scene that the Prophet Zechariah witnessed in his vision of the “woman” placed in an ephah (basket) and carried far away. In my view this “woman” unquestionably represents Ishtar, the demonic female spirit of ancient Babylon, which had been in Europe for awhile (as Venus and Libertas, amongst others). From Zechariah Chapter 5, we see that the angel calls the woman “Wickedness”. According to my Ryrie Study Bible, Zechariah penned these verses between 520 and 518 BC. Ancient Babylon had already fallen (539 BC). These verses clearly apply to end times Babylon (called Shinar in Hebrew). Zechariah 5:5-11-

5Then the angel who was speaking with me went out and said to me, “Lift up now your eyes and see what this is going forth.”

6I said, “What is it?” And he said, “This is the ephah going forth.” Again he said, “This is their appearance in all the land

7(and behold, a lead cover was lifted up); and this is a woman sitting inside the ephah.”

8Then he said, “This is Wickedness!” And he threw her down into the middle of the ephah and cast the lead weight on its opening.

9Then I lifted up my eyes and looked, and there two women were coming out with the wind in their wings; and they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heavens.

10I said to the angel who was speaking with me, “Where are they taking the ephah?

11Then he said to me, “To build a temple for her in the land of Shinar (Babylon); and when it is prepared, she will be set there on her own pedestal.” [NAS Version]

The Harlot Ishtar is carried to America

The Statue of Liberty certainly sits on her own pedestal!

In a moment of inspiration, I decided to check the Hebrew Gematria of “Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone”; it is 1541

Intriguingly, Strong’s Hebrew 1541 means “to reveal (secrets), brought over, carried away, taken into exile”. All four of these meanings clearly fit the journey in the basket of the woman called “Wickedness” to her final place of residence.

Now that “Wickedness” resides by New York Harbor, I ask you, does the Statue of Liberty represent New York City? Or does she represent America herself? The entire world knows that this gargantuan bronze idol represents the nation of America, not just her largest city! When my own ancestors arrived at Ellis Island, they were coming to settle in America, not in New York City; in fact, all of them left New York City as soon as they were processed and could get their tickets to the Midwestern states!

Remember, the Statue of Liberty is officially named “Liberty Enlightening the World”. Ishtar was, and still is, also known as the “Lightbringer” according to this occult site (view with discernment)-

In ancient Babylon, just prior to the fall of the country in 539BC, Ishtar was renowned as the “goddess of immigrants”. Compare this to the words penned about the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus-

a mighty woman with a torch, and her name Mother of Exiles

It would be quite easy for one to be deceived into believing that the Statue of Liberty represents those wonderful, traditional American values such as personal responsibility, self determination, and freedom from government intrusion. However, one would be mistaken. Such is the spiritual fortitude of the goddess Ishtar, her power of suggestion and downright deception. Even King Solomon, with all of his wisdom, fornicated (spiritually) with Ishtar . . . we read, in I Kings 11:5-

For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites” [Ashtoreth = Ishtar]

If the woman in Revelation 17 refers to America’s goddess Ishtar, represented by the Statue of Liberty, as I believe she does, then this “woman” represents the “Mother Goddess”, essentially all of the false religions on the face of the earth! This is far more than just Roman Catholicism1; the woman holding the torch embodies each and every one of these spiritual “harlots” or false religions from throughout history! America embraces absolutely every false goddess and god from everywhere on the globe. Since the seven rays of the Statue’s crown represent the seven seas and seven continents, this is particularly applicable. On the official U.S. Government Statue of Liberty website you can find an answer to the question “What do the seven spikes on the Statue’s crown represent?” . . . the answer is “The seven seas and continents of the world.

The seven rays may also represent the seven great empires of history (see Daniel 7 and Revelation 13), in which these goddesses/gods have always thrived. To quote from-

It seems obvious that the seven mountains and the seven heads both represent the seven empires spoken of in Daniel Chapter 7, and that this whore is the mother of all the false religions in these empires.

Ishtar is the Whore. The Statue of Liberty is an enormous bronze idol which clearly depicts the Whore. Madonna is a personification of the Whore, and represents the end times Whore nation America. I am here speaking mainly of, but not limited to, spiritual prostitution.

The Harlot aka Ishtar “Liberty Enlightening the World” on her Masonic pedestal

Richard Coombes, author of “America the Babylon: America’s Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy” states:

Revelation 17:9 is speaking specifically of the Statue and her crown of 7 spikes. Those 7 spikes flash the occult enlightenment of the sun god Utu upon each of the 7 ‘hora’ or large land masses.

Revelation 17:9-

Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains (hora) on which the woman sits,

The Harlot Oversees the World

I would like to give my final thoughts on what I believe the Statue of Liberty truly represents, and it is far from the heart-warming, patriotic ideal with which I grew up, indeed which I even embraced until a few years ago. America’s “Liberty Enlightening the World” represents not freedom of religion, but freedom from the true God. Liberty (Libertas) represents a total rejection of God. The people who live by the light of the torch of the Statue of Liberty will never be able to see the true light of the one true God. To quote James Lloyd, from his book “Beyond Babylon, the Last Week of the World”- “if we strip away the patriotic emotionalism, we are left with a gigantic idol.” Indeed, that is the bottom line. This has been a massive deception perpetrated upon the population of an entire nation, purposefully, by the occult elite.

The “Queen of Heaven” & Madonna

The “woman” of Revelation, the Harlot/Whore, has a long history, having been around since time immemorial. One of her names is “Queen of Heaven”. A particular complaint which God had against His people of Judah was their worship of this deity “Queen of Heaven”. It is obvious that the Jews began to worship the Babylonian deities on a staggering scale, especially the primary ones, the Queen of Heaven and Bel (Bel-Marduk). As I have demonstrated, the Queen of Heaven is equivalent to both Sheshach and Ishtar. This “queen of heaven” is referenced in several verses in Jeremiah 44 (17-19, 25) and also in Jeremiah 7. Here is a verse which demonstrates how the people would worship this goddess; Jeremiah 7:18-

The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.

Note that God is saying all types of people, men, women, and children worshiped the deity “queen of heaven”. It strikes me that Madonna is worshiped in much the same way by many of the people of America, and has been for nearly 30 years. This is not to say that she is the most popular celebrity today; Babylon America is filled with celebrity idols. Rather, she represents the American obsession with celebrities and the values they portray. Madonna has had, however, incredible staying power and is still near “the top of her game”.

In the commentary of my Ryrie Study Bible, it is flatly stated, regarding the queen of heaven: “The queen of heaven is the Assyro-Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

In the commentary of the NIV Study Bible, it is said: “Queen of Heaven. A Babylonian title for Ishtar, an important goddess in the Babylonian pantheon.

In Unger’s Bible Dictionary, the following is written under the heading Queen of Heaven– “Astarte, an ancient Semitic deity, associated with Babylonian Ishtar (Venus).

James Lloyd, in his book “Beyond Babylon- the Last Week of the World” also states that Ishtar is the “Queen of Heaven”.

It was during the five-day Feast of Sheshach that Belshazzar’s Babylon fell to the Medes/Persians-

Above and below quotes are taken from Jamieson et al. “A Commentary: critical, practical and explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments

How Babylon is fallen–great Babylon {Sheshach, Babel}, praised throughout the earth! The world can scarcely believe its eyes at her fall {as they were in the midst of a five days’ festival to the patroness goddess of Babylon–Shach, deified Semiramis–when Babylon fell under Belshazzar; much like a later pagan festival of the Roman Empire, Saturnalia, established in honor of their idol god Saturn–deified Nimrod, or Satan–in which the most unbridled licentiousness was permitted; as we can see, such heathen pagan festivals encourage all manner of behavior directly opposed to God–pure rebelliousness to the commands of God}

This feast dedicated to the goddess Sheshach was in progress when ancient Babylon fell!

Is Sheshach the same entity as Ishtar and the Queen of Heaven? I am certain that she is. Otherwise, I doubt that King Belshazzar would have actually used the sacred wine vessels from the Temple on that fateful night. Below is a simple diagram meant to demonstrate these connections:

Ancient Babylon (city & country) End Times Babylon (city & country)

Ishtar – – – – – – – – – – -Sheshach – – – Queen of Heaven

Statue of Liberty – – – – Madonna – – – Harlot

Before the ancient Babylon of Belshazzar’s era, and between ancient and end times (modern) Babylon there have been several other names for this “Mother Goddess”, depending on country and culture. Her names include Venus, Isis, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Athena, Diana, Inanna, and Feronia. It is apparent to me that these are all the same entity, the ultimate “Mother Goddess”, the goddess of fertility, love, immigration, personal freedom, and even war. Perhaps the best and most complete term of all is the most common Babylonian name for her, “Ishtar”.

From both the Old and New Testaments this woman is clearly identifiable:

Jeremiah 51:7-

Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.

Revelation 17:4-

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.

The Revelation verse certainly evinces the one from Jeremiah. Therefore, unquestionably “the womanequalsBabylon”.

The Original Harlot & Her “Cup” of Abominations

Madonna’s Birth Connection to Babylon & Hell

Madonna was born in Bay City, Michigan. “Bay” includes 3 letters within the 7 of “Babylon”, like this:


The letters left over spell “blon”, similar to “blonde” which seems to symbolize her goddess calling card, if you will, being her typical hair color although she does change it frequently. When you type “blon” into a search engine such as Google, what pops up? Blonde!

The Harlot is Blon(de)

The blonde Harlot gropes Muslim & Jew alike

Interesting, too, that “Bay” is a City, even having “city” in its name. Likewise, Babylon was a city and also a country. Madonna represents the country of the United States of America much more than she does her hometown (city) of “Bay City” which barely even acknowledges that she was born there, and does not promote her in the least-

Apparently, Bay City officials were, in the past and publicly at least, ashamed of their most famous daughter! Shame is a concept which is increasingly rare in Babylon America, so God bless them for standing up for decency.

Essentially, we could say that Madonna is from Babylon City, Babylon. Specifically, Madonna’s birthplace, Bay City, Michigan is situated in the north central/northeast part of the state on Saginaw Bay. To the South is the town of Hell, Michigan, which is a popular destination around Halloween time each year for those who worship death and the occult, as well as, presumably, for the “just curious”.

If Madonna were to get into her private jet and “fly to Hell” from her hometown, Bay City, she would start at the Bay City airport– distance from the “Welcome to Hell” sign in Hell, Michigan to her hometown airport? Precisely 66.6 Nautical miles (“click” for larger view)!

The Harlots 66.6 Mile Journey to Hell

The Harlots Hometown Airport

Hell, Michigan a mere 66.6 miles South

Since God is in control of everything, it seems that the findings revealed above represent a bit of a “wink of confirmation” that I am on the right track in this research endeavor- Praise Him!

Madonna Plays the Harlot of Ancient Babylon

Dr. Noah Hutchings wrote a book entitled “u.s. in prophecy”, which was published in the year 2000. The book discusses the preparations for a “Babylonian Music Festival” which was to be held within the partially-rebuilt ruins of Babylon, Iraq. The Festival was to commence September 22, 1987, and the Queen of the festival was to be Madonna. In other words, Madonna was to play the part of Ishtar. According to Munir Bashir, Music Director for the Festival, Madonna was specifically invited “Because the Iraqi young people love Madonna. Madonna lives here with the Iraqi people” he said, pointing to his heart. “I hope Madonna will know this fact and come” he continued. This story originally ran in the January 16, 1987 issue of the Los Angeles Times, written by Michael Ross, and was entitled “New Writing on Wall- Can Babylon Relive Its Glory Days?”-

Of course, we know that since 1987 the site of ancient Babylon (the city, near modern-day Hillah) has been the scene of minor bombing and skirmishes during the Iraq War aka “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Various sources suggest that ancient artifacts were plundered, in part by U.S. Forces (perhaps sent on a spiritual quest by their superiors?), and a new U.S. military base with nearby consulate, quite massive in scale, is being built there. However, Saddam Hussein’s dream of a rebuilt Babylon is gone with him, although there is a replica, rebuilt historic city in miniature scale on the site, complete with a model of Ishtar’s Gate. And as far as the significance of the U.S. base and consulate in that location; in my opinion, this is only a “cover” to direct attention away from the real end times Babylon, America.

There is no evidence that this music festival ever actually occurred. I am quite certain that it did not. The fact, however, that Madonna was invited to be Queen of the Festival (i.e. Ishtar) speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned. This convincingly ties her to the Harlot of ancient Babylon.

Madonna, aka “Esther”, Is Indeed the Harlot of Modern Babylon

Intriguingly, Madonna has actually promoted herself as the “Whore of Babylon”. Her 2004 Tour was termed the “Whore of Babylon World Tour” prior to a change to “Re-Invention World Tour”.


The tour was initially known as the Whore of Babylon World Tour. The idea was to portray Madonna as the Whore of Babylon, the figure of evil as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. However it was later changed to the Re-Invention World Tour, to make it a self-confident dig at all the critics and people who have expressed their views about Madonna re-inventing her image over the years. The tour was scheduled to begin in San Francisco.

Presumably as part of the early promotion for “Whore of Babylon, the Tour”, the first photo in this group of five was taken, courtesy of

The Harlot Reveals Her True Self

The Harlot Reinvents Herself

Below is the original caption for the composite photo:

Madonna, calling herself the Whore of Babylon. 1) With PM Shimon Peres of Israel. 2) On her way out to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim at the Kaballah Centre last year. 3) and 4) Some typical stage antics. Note the hanging dead blonde.

Speaking of her “harlot” reputation, here’s a portion of a comment by Christian blogger Art at blogsite “newine”, regretfully taken somewhat out of context-

But the One True God who made the Ark (and us, and Obama, and satan, and cockroaches and dolphins and the Pope, and Martin Luther, and John Calvin, and mohammed and the Madonna as well as the blasphemous pop-singer imitator) and who triumphed on the cross…

Next, a blasphemous portrayal of the modern, imitator Madonna. This image is copyrighted, but you can view it at-

Quoting the presumed artist: “This new work modifies a Vatican stained glass of the biblical Madonna, substituting the Virgin Mary with the ‘Queen of Pop’ and the Holy Son with the pop star’s adopted child David.

Well, the alleged artist nearly said it all himself. This so called “work of art” is a portrayal of Madonna with her adopted child, David, in place of Mary and young Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind. I would call that blasphemous, indeed!

Regarding Madonna’s faith, I will quote the following-

There is a lot of celebrity-level excitement being stirred up by Madonna’s now full-blown embrace of Mystic Kabbalism. So, we need to explore this elevated spiritual focus of mega-star Madonna just a little bit. One of the first things to note is that Madonna says she isn’t just dabbling in Kabbalism.I’m very serious about it,’ she says flatly, and her actions seem to back up those words.

According to the article, Madonna now calls herself “Esther” after the Jewish heroine of the Bible.

Also covered in this article was an interview with Larry King years ago, in which “Esther” explained her attraction to Kabbalah:

‘I was looking for something…I mean, I’d begun practicing yoga and, you know, I was looking for the answers to life. Why am I here? What am I doing here? What is my purpose? How do I fit into the big picture?’

Although some Rabbis give warnings against Madonna-style Kabbalism (more below), others say it a positive thing. The following websites delve more deeply into her faith-

In A February 20, 2009 article entitled “Madonna identified as Whore of Babylon” we have the following, courtesy of New Prophecy Net

If Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personifies the political face of the Whore of Babylon, there will also be a cultural and religious aspect of this great Harlot with “Mystery” written on her forehead. The other face of the Whore of Babylon, pop icon Madonna, is and will be hard at work converting the many fallen souls into the hedonistic, pleasure-seeking, self-centered (self-empowering), and thoroughly WICKED cultural and religious system she shall serve as high priestess over (a place) called Mystery, Babylon. Mystery, Babylon might be considered the moral infrastructure of this modern Babylon. Personally, I believe she is positioning herself to become a major spiritual leader, pushing the pagan Kabbalah faith in a new age world where she might one day be worshipped almost as a goddess. Madonna was accorded the title of Kabbalah ‘High Priestess’ on February 21, 2005. The wanton nature of Madonna’s worldwide cult of personality, combined with her exotic promotion via words and images of the “pop” religion known as Kaballah (a Hollywood pop version of the real Kabbalah practised by rabbis), I argue, makes her the perfect personification of the “Whore of Babylon” as she appears in Revelation 17 … if there is ever going to be one.

Madonna was inaugurated as Kabbalah High Priestess on February 21, 2005. From

From and including: Saturday, August 16, 1958- Madonna born on New Moon Sabbath

To, but not including: Tuesday, February 21, 2005- Madonna awarded Kabbalah High Priestess Rank

It is 16,991 days from the start date to the end date

Intriguingly, this is the Bible’s Verse Number 16,991, courtesy of

Proverbs 21:6-

The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek death.

Sounds appropriate for the Harlot, does it not?

This day, the day of her inauguration as High Priestess, just “happened” to occur on a true New Moon; that is, on 1 Adar, 5765. Recall that Madonna was also born on a New Moon precisely 575 moon phases earlier!  The number 575 in scripture is one which I came across during my recent Ezekiel studies, and is quite amazing in that dozens of verses have this precise Gematria-

These are dominantly verses such as “And (then, moreover) the word of the Lord came unto me, saying” from the Prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Zechariah.  In other words, this number is deeply connected with the prophets and with prophesying.

From what I’ve read of the altered form of the traditional Kabbalah, which is coined “Kaballah” in celebrity circles, it seems to represent a definite “mystery religion”. The following link gives basic information on the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, which Madonna and many other celebrities frequent-

What other religious belief system would be better suited for the woman who is the physical manifestation on earth of the “Mother Goddess” deity which has been around since time immemorial? I can think of none other better; the celebrity-based “Kaballah” appears entirely occult in practice. In my opinion, any form of spirituality which is the “in thing” in Hollywood is almost certain to be in direct opposition to the true God.

In 2005, Madonna recorded a song as a tribute to a 16th-century Jewish mystic, Yitzhak Luria, and the rabbis who guard Mr. Luria’s legacy are outraged. “There is a prohibition in Jewish law against using the holy name of our master, the Sage Isaac, for profit*,” Rabbi Cohen told the Israeli newspaper Maariv on Sunday. “This is an inappropriate act, and one can feel only pity at the punishment that she will receive from Heaven. The Sage Isaac is holy and pure, and immodest people cannot sing about him,” he told the newspaper. [*refer to Proverbs 21:6]

Rabbi Israel Deri went even further, calling for Madonna to be thrown out of the (Kabbalah) community. “Such a woman brings great sin on kabbalah.

At the same time, Madonna was also in hot water with Roman Catholics, including William Donahue, president of the powerful American Catholic League, for dressing as a nun at a recent Jewish Festival. Heclaimed the star“should be beaten by a real-life nun for desecrating the scared attire just three days before Easter Sunday.”

[All quotes above are from The Sun Online, December 14, 2005]

Although the Biblical Esther is a true heroine to both Jews and Christians, “Esther” is also the name Madonna has proudly adopted as her own. Might Madonna’s use of the name “Esther” (meaning “star” in Persian) be based more on the ultimate derivation of the name? After all, the name “Esther” is etymologically related to the Babylonian “Ishtar”, the goddess of fertility, sexual love, and war and, as I have already presented, is embodied by Madonna and clearly depicted as well in America’s Statue of Liberty. The Harlot is clearly a fallen star, a demonic entity!

As I said in the opening paragraph, this idea that Madonna personifies the Whore or Harlot of Babylon is not new; in fact, from the site . . .

. . . we find that as early as the 5th of September, 2006, Russian newspaper Zhizn Daily had this to say-

The scenario for pop star Madonna’s scandalous show has been cribbed from the Bible. The plot of her presentation coincides literally with what St. John the Theologian says in Chapter 17, verses 1-18 and Chapter 18, verses 8-10 about the great harlot of Babylon. It is not accidental either that Madonna has given her tour the name of Confessions.

Madonna, the Mother & Daughter of Babylon

Now that she has children, Madonna has chosen to live in Britain which is, ironically, the physical/political mother of Babylon America- this is striking symbolism I would suggest, especially since Madonna is the daughter of a Madonna (therefore, daughter of Babylon) herself. Fascinating, too, that Madonna decided to make her home an expansive ranch property in Wiltshire, England. Wiltshire is apparently a spiritual stronghold of England, as indicated by its being at the epicenter of the crop circle phenomenon since the early 1980’s, or essentially since the time Madonna first broke into pop stardom.

Below is the verse which shows the reaction of mother Britain to daughter America after America’s demise by fire; Jeremiah 50:12

Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bare you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert.

Madonna of the Seven Hills” was a 1958 novel by Eleanor Hibbert aka Jean Plaidy or Victoria Holt, amongst other pseudonyms. The subject of this book was the so-called “most beautiful woman in the world”, the Italian heiress Lucrezia Borgia.

Shockingly, this book was written in Madonna’s birth year, which immediately brings to mind both Revelation 17:9 and 17:18-

9And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman (harlot) sitteth.

18And the woman (harlot) which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

A most stunning example of art imitating reality! Of course “our” Madonna’s ancestry is likewise primarily Italian.

God has His purpose behind every birth and, indeed, behind everything. This person we call “Madonna” or “Esther” represents a significant prophetic clue to those who are watching end times events unfold. Madonna is convincingly a prophetic “type” of the Harlot of Revelation as well as of the Queen of Heaven/Ishtar/Sheshach in the Old Testament. Clearly, she represents an embodiment of this goddess for end times Babylon!

In this article I have attempted to prove that the person known around the world simply as “Madonna” is a type of the Harlot of Babylon and that, specifically, her type can be traced back to mother goddess Ishtar. Most sobering for the citizens of America, who have as their national goddess Ishtar, represented by the Statue of Liberty, it was this same deity to whom the Feast was dedicated the night of the fall of Belshazzar’s ancient Babylon to the Medes and Persians. I have documented a profound connection between the goddess of this Feast, Sheshach (Ishtar, Queen of Heaven) and Madonna. This is indeed sobering, for history is about to repeat itself, and in the near future we will witness the fall of Babylon America and all of her gods, goddesses, idols, and graven images will be for naught, as written in the Book.

Jeremiah 50:2-

Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon is taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces.

Jeremiah 51:18-

They (idols) are vanity, the work of errors: in the time of visitation they shall perish

Isaiah 47:12-

Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.”

[all bold emphasis of Bible verses and quotes throughout the text by the author]

With Love in Christ,




1Madonna was born and raised Roman Catholic, which is simply another amazing tie-in to her legacy of representing the deity Ishtar from the very beginning, including through the Roman “Libertas” stage. Some people may think that because she was Catholic at birth, and has strong roots in Italy, she might therefore represent a Harlot of Rome/Italy/Vatican. This is absolutely not the case, as I have demonstrated in this article. For one thing, she has apparently renounced Catholicism and embraced Kabbalism. She is also distinctly AMERICAN to the core. Madonna’s “Italy” and “Roman Catholicism” connections are quite simply God’s way of demonstrating how she has transitioned into the Harlot of end times Babylon, America, much as the Roman goddess Libertas transitioned into the Statue of Liberty . . .

Update, 22 January, 2011-

Garden Girl has published an excellent piece which describes the finding of a statue of Aphrodite, an equivalent of Ishtar, off the coast of Caesarea in Israel on 14 December. The goddess was facing America! Here’s the link-

Meanwhile, a related piece is found at Daniel’s excellent blog “Prayers for the People”, another must-read which is all about America as the Harlot, and her ensuing fall-


I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
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  2. jeff says:

    The timing on this one is great, I shared your link on my FB page in hopes that some of my wayward brothers and sisters would take a real good look at what they have been partaking in. I for one am finding many ways to turn away from the world and embrace Christ. Hopefully there will be some in the RCC that will see their leadership actually embrace her (Mad-onna/ Ishtar/ Mary/ queen of heaven/ Asherah//Jezebel ) and turn to Christ. I live in New England and I hope that the patriots lose after hearing about those in the occult summing up power for Tom Brady. Never been interested in commercialized sports anyways. One of the great travesties of our nation is there are people who have to gear from their favorite team while their children are neglected.
    blessings to you

    • Hi Jeff;

      Thanks so much for your contribution, and also for linking this on FB.

      Well, I used to be a big fan of the NFL, but that was before I realized it was just one of my idols that I needed to shun. I have very little interest in the outcome of the game and, in fact, I may just attend a classical music concert that night instead. Although, I must admit, after doing this research I am curious as to how the half-time show will play out.

      If indeed the occult are “working” more for the Patriots than the Giants, then I guess I would have to root against the Patriots as well. Very disturbing.

      Thanks again for sharing, Jeff, and I do hope and pray that those brothers and sisters of yours can be reached, and will turn to Jesus Christ.



  3. Dave says:

    Good article. I have noticed the connection between the harlot and USA. She lives on many waters (Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Gulf of Mexico), Decked in scarlet (sin), and purple ( mix red white and blue). Also our political parties are represented by red and blue states. Sins piled to the sky (abortion, genetic manipulation, fornication and too many more). A boasting and arrogant attitude (I am no widow, I will never know grief).It’s amazing to me that so few see this. How much longer must the descent go on? All we need to do is trust that it is in God’s hands.


    • Hi, Dave-

      Thanks for your comment and excellent points! Yes, indeed, she does reside on most of the Seven Seas, not to mention that her influence is felt everywhere.

      Great connection to the red and blue which, together, make purple of course! I had not thought about the “mix” of the 3 colors mentioned in Revelation as also giving us purple, but they would. However, I believe that John was describing Old Glory blue not “purple” per se. I have researched this and written an article entitled-

      “The Colors Worn and Adorned by the Harlot of Revelation”

      I can’t get the link to copy, but please check my June 2011 archives for this article!

      Yes, indeed Dave I am shocked that others cannot see what is now so clear to me. But I did not, either, for most of my life. People don’t want to see it, for the realization is so shocking that it can make a person physically ill. That is, when it really sinks in that America is Babylon the Great, then the realization of what is coming is nearly unbearable. You just have to give it all to the Lord and try to reach as many loved ones as possible. In my case, I’m trying to reach the masses through this blog, hoping to awaken them.

      Thanks again, Dave, for your excellent contribution, and may you be abundantly blessed.


      • Dave says:


        Wow! You obviously put a lot of work into the research. I had not noticed that angle. I believe both can be true at the same time. I see the Bible as a fractal, which is defined as something which has patterns repeated at numerous levels and so can not be described by classical geometry. So it is with the prophesies of the Bible which can match to more than one fulfillment. It makes it even more deep and amazing.

        It’s interesting that other “western” nations also use red, white and blue: Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand off the top of my head. All a part of the greater Babylon system.

        Many thanks,

      • Hi Dave;

        Indeed, the depth of the Bible never ceases to amaze me. Right now I’m reading everything I can find on numbers in the Bible. Here’s a great new book, highly recommended-

        The Divine Code- From One to 2020” by Steve Cioccolanti (2011), 321p.

        Very grounded in scripture and the love of Christ, not “way out there” as are some of the books I’ve read. I’m about 2/3 finished and so far 5 stars out of 5 possible!

        The author misses the “Babylon” connection, which is a big miss, and he therefore cannot put certain end times events together into a reasonable framework, but this is one which most miss, obviously. Which brings me back to your comment. Yes, actually, red/white/blue is quite common, and two of the countries you mentioned, Australia and New Zealand, could almost be considered “daughters of Britain” as is America. I agree that there is a world-wide Babylonian system, but I am adamant that it emanates from its spiritual center in the USA. This spiritual connection makes sense in a geographic context if indeed the Statue of Liberty is a form of Ishtar. It is also clear that the Babylon which will be destroyed in the Tribulation is a country/nation/kingdom. Comparing only the following 6 chapters is an excellent exercise; should be done at one sitting and in the following order:

        Isaiah 13
        Isaiah 14

        Jeremiah 50
        Jeremiah 51

        Revelation 17
        Revelation 18

        After this, I recommend going back to Isaiah 21 and 47, Jeremiah 25, and Revelation 14.

        You are also correct about dual and multiple fulfillment; so much evidence for this.

        Thanks so much for a second excellent comment, and please stay in touch. Are you planning to watch the game and half-time show?



  4. David says:

    Hi Carlos. Great insight into madonna and this upcoming Superbowl.
    What I found revealing:
    Madonna is going to be the half-time show with Circus Soleil.
    Might she right out on a beast….this is a Circus type group and they are
    amazing in themselves. Most acrobats are from Russia, East Europe, etc.

    I understand that it will be called, “Imagining”. Reminds me of:

    And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have
    all one language;
    and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be
    restrained from them, which
    they have imagined to do.
    (Genesis 11:6)

    There’s the Babylon tie-in!

    I’m just wondering if she will be wearing this:
    And the woman (Mystery Babylon, mother of
    harlots) was arrayed in purple and
    scarlet colour, and decked with gold and
    precious stones and pearls, having a
    golden cup in her hand full of abominations
    and filthiness of her fornication: (Revelation 17:4).

    Aside: Tom Brady and the Patriots had a pep rally before they boarded
    the plane for Indianapolis at Gillette Stadium, officially called, “the 13 minute
    rally”. 25,000 there.


    • Greetings David;

      Excellent comment, thanks. And plenty of food for thought! This is getting quite interesting. It would be so perfect is she were to ride out on a beast! I recall that Madonna had quite a fall several years ago, and was seriously injured. Apparently she fell from a horse at her Wiltshire ranch. She would be showing remarkable courage to ride a larger beast, seems to me. Hmm, the Eastern European origin of the acrobats from Cirque du Soleil is interesting to me (of course, that’s not unusual for world class acrobats!), as I am currently undertaking a study of Russia and neighboring countries for my next article on America Babylon, so you’ll see the connection when I finally get that published! And, you are correct, this does remind one of Genesis 11:6!

      The 13 minute rally was probably done on purpose- 13 is a big occult number, also a number of rebellion or even evil, and of course we are talking here the Patriots (original 13 colonies).

      For sure, if Madonna dresses in the Revelation 17:4 outfit or even colors, I will not be shocked. She will likely try to present herself as a goddess, one way or another, though it could be subtle and heavy on symbols. After all, she is a “prophetess” and mistress of Kabbalah. We’ll see!

      Thanks for the great insights and comment, David.



  5. David says:

    Hey Carlos,

    One more interesting thing – check this out for the Mystery Babylon connection of Madonna:

    I misspelled the name of the group with her. It’s Cirque du Soleil. I’ve seen them perform live a couple times. Their routines can be extraordinary.

  6. Dave says:


    As for Madonna being likable, I can see what you mean. There are many people in all parts of the media that are personally very likable, and yet cogs in the big machine. While I believe people with their spiritual eyes open (like you and I?) can see the big picture, many undiscerning folks simply consume what comes out of the TV without much deep analysis. Witness the progression of the TV as a sign of that, getting bigger and bigger, more and more clear, flashy and vivid. All to draw us in. This clip from Network News is a scene I have remembered since I saw the movie. Listen to what Albert Brooks says at about the 1:30 mark.

    I will definitely be watching Sunday just to see what kind of spectacle it will be. In spite of the fact that I have “come out of Babylon” in as many ways as I can muster, I still want my TV and internet because I still want a window seat.


    • Thanks, Dave, good input. Agreed. It is only through spiritual eyes that the underlying spiritual condition can be discerned alright. I don’t doubt that there is a strong correlation between TV viewing and deception!

      Haha, yep great example at the 1:30 mark alright.

      This has the potential to be a very impressive halftime show. I’m wondering what kind of “surprises” might be in store?

      Apparently, Madonna has “taken Indianapolis by storm”. 252 Nautical miles SSW of her birthplace, I still can’t get over that “coincidence”.

      Enjoy the game, Dave, and thanks again for your contributions!



  7. jeff says:

    Here I am at 5 Am on the morning of the Superbowl 46, Sunday I have been pondering this post and some others that all seem to bring me into a thought pattern that things are definitely developing into a wrap up. I have shared this post on my Facebook page and have had no response to it. Some of my thoughts this morning around Madonna is that on the outside she is attractive even at her age, however it is no indicator of what she looks like on the inside. Is this not like the enemy? On the one side everything looks great, but on the other Hell awaits. This fairy tale existence that she leads that she herself cannot see the end clearly. One of my thoughts about Babylon, in it’s application in the scriptures the name is used to describe something much broader than a geographic location. It is a spiritual location or realm that is not subject to the constraints of time and the physical universe. And for that reason many (including Gods own) can be deceived into thinking that they should be seeing this “Babylon” rise in the middle east. Many do not even see how THEIR ( those who name Christ) money is being used to hold this system up. After all it is just Football and entertainment right? So my question is if it is no big deal then why watch it? Why? It seems to me that the mind of the flesh is being fed. Are we not if we watch for any reason feeding the flesh? I will not watch. I will not allow those images to be presented to me and watch and not on some level not be affected by the provocativeness of the show. It is apt to raise my pulse.

    • Brother Jeff;

      I certainly support your decision not to watch the game or half-time show. I realize that you have already come out of Babylon spiritually! I will “watch” for the main purpose of seeing what kind of clues “they” may offer us.

      You are right, in one sense “Babylon” is a spirit throughout the earth, essentially the spirit of fallen man in direct opposition to God Almighty. Yet, tragically it principally emanates from one particular country which is described in great detail in Jeremiah 50 and 51, and to a lesser degree in Isaiah 13 & 14 plus Revelation 17 & 18.

      Great assessment about Madonna. As she has deceived many, likewise the antichrist will do the same with his charm and words which soothe the ears of mankind, at least those without spiritual ears of discernment.

      I appreciate so much your sharing this link on your Facebook page, and likewise I’m saddened that this research has apparently not had much impact on those friends of yours who may have read the article. This article, as well as “The Day the Music Will Die” have received many more Facebook “hits” than usual, so at least it is being read. Not for my own gratification, mind you, but I do not undertake such extensive research without being supported through the work of the Holy Spirit and myself grasping the importance of the project at hand.

      Blessings, dear brother. Thanks for all of your contributions to this discussion and others.

      In Christ Jesus,


  8. Olive Mary says:

    Hi Brother Carlos, Just wish I knew how to share your great work on my facebook page too. I hate the NFL. I grew up in a town in S. California Bedroom Community that had a baseball/football field in the very middle of it. The fields were always full of games yearly during weekends. My dad who has gone to Heaven called it the “Church of Hollyglen”. That was the name of our neighborhood. Same town that gave the world the Beach Boys Hawthorne,Ca. I just am so amazed at how you are being used to tell america about what is coming. G-D Bless!

    • jeff says:

      I have always had those same thoughts Olive Mary riding by sports fields on Sundays and seeing running over with no place to park and often wondered what it would be like in our country if the church yards where always full and they where parking down both sides of the streets.

    • Hi sister Olive Mary! So nice to hear from you again. Sorry that I can’t advise you on how to share on FB; since I don’t have an account there, I wouldn’t know. But I appreciate the thought!

      Football is certainly one of America’s main gods. It is a violent, all-American sport for sure. In fact, one of about 25 articles I’m planning to write would cover this topic, about how it fits “America’s personality” perfectly and also the ridiculous amount of attention that the foolish game receives! That said, most of my life I was a big football fan. As a boy growing up in south Louisiana, I idolized Danny Abramowicz and Archie Manning of the New Orleans Saints. That’s right, Archie the father of both Eli and Peyton. And, yes, I watched the Saints finally win a Super Bowl 2 years ago!

      I totally agree with Jeff’s reply to your comment about the churches being full!

      Your encouragement is greatly appreciated, as always. Yes, I am truly grateful that the Lord has opened my eyes to certain coming events and “hidden” prophecies in these end times, and that He has then commanded me to write what He shows me! The next articles will be on the “attackers of America” and “Pi in the Bible”.

      Abundant blessings to you dear sister,


    • jeff says:

      Olive Mary,
      I should have given you this earlier, This is how you put his post on FB.
      Open Carlos’s desired post that you want to share and after clicking on the comments.
      Left click on the address bar at the top this should highlight the entire address.
      while your cursor is still there right click on your mouse and select copy
      In a separate tab open Facebook and in a comment area or on your wall
      right click and select paste and there you have it

  9. lisa says:

    Carlos: I am new to your site, having arrived from a link on a financial blog site. Very interesting information you present! I am a Christ-follower as well. I am aware of some of the Babylon info you presented. But there is one thing I would like to ask you regarding Madonna:

    We did not watch the game and only caught about 2 minutes of Madonna’s show. I just cannot stomach the wickedness of this woman. But early this morning, I noticed a story in the news which contained a picture of her in her outfit. I didn’t really think about it then, as we were in a hurry to catch a movie. It struck me that her headdress looked eerily like Baphomet! Did you notice this? If so, what are your thoughts?

    Also, since I am new to your site, I am not sure if you have written anything about “political Zionism”. I have been reading about its inception and history, and how it is really an effort by Satanic so-called Jews like the Rothschilds to bring about a New World Order controlled by Zionists. While reading about political Zionism, I keep thinking about the verses in Revelation referring to “the synagogue of Satan”, “those that say they are Jews but are not”.

    I was raised to always support the Jewish people and the State of Israel. But I have recently read that the Christian community has been deceived into supporting the Zionist agenda, which is really a satanic movement founded on the Talmud and Kabbalah. I also know of Jews who are against political Zionism. The reason this interests and concerns me is that, as an avid researcher of all things global politics, I am concerned that Christians might be deceived into supporting an Israeli state which has an extremely evil agenda. I have learned that most of the world’s Jewish population has its origin from the Khazarian legacy, NOT the original 12 tribes.

    Are we being deceived by the synagogue of Satan? And who ARE truly God’s “chosen”? I have a hard time believing that God would want Christians to support those (such as the Rothschilds) who are responsible for so much death and destruction in the world, and who are not REALLY worshippers of the one true God, I AM. I am a bit confused! Could you shed some light for me?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Lisa;
      Thank-you so much for your nice comment and also for being interested in the findings I present on this blog. All glory to God!

      About Madonna’s attire; yes, she clearly wore a baphomet crown at one point. Everything about the entire 12-13 minute show was occult-themed. There was so much, it was blatant, and I probably won’t even attempt an article update about all the symbolism! I will tell you that she strummed on a harp (angel harp or lyre) which fits the G-2790 “harpist” I discussed in the article and is related to the fall of Babylon! But, I admit that her embracing of Kabbalah is troubling, which brings me to your main question.

      Now, to answer your question fully would be beyond the scope of a comment, but I am currently working on an e-mail for you. First, I must admit that I have never written an article on this topic and, although, it is an area which interests me, I have not studied this in detail. So I will just make some general observations. Could well meaning Christians be deceived into supporting certain individuals within the Israeli government or outside of it who are actually working for the coming antichrist power? Yes, indeed, I believe they could be, and some no doubt will be. Yet I must state unequivocally that I support the state of Israel, her right to exist, and her right to obtain all of the land which God granted to her, and it is a much larger area than the current boundaries (I highly recommend the book by Bill Salus “Isralestine- the Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middel East” which deals with the coming “Psalm 83” and “Ezekiel 38/39” wars)! That said, we in the true Church must have the spiritual ears and eyes to discern, for the antichrist comes in a great deception. Regardless, we know from the Holy Bible how it plays out and most importantly how it ends! Okay, I’ll leave it at this for now.

      Thanks again for your comment and interest in my blog- I’ll be in touch!



      P.S.: Clearly, many of the elites in the world who basically control the New World Order claim to be Jews or of the lineage of the tribe of Judah, and I agree that we cannot support these Illuminati types, for by the very nature of their New World Order goals they are setting up the system for the arrival of the antichrist. And, sure, I believe that individuals and families such as the Rothschilds could represent the synagogue of satan; this fits very well (although in Revelation 2:9 it is to the church of Smyrna that Jesus is writing). Others would say that will be the tribe of Dan; perhaps they are closely related? A study of the 12-13 tribes is a whole other matter, but in answering your questions in e-mail I’ll look closely at the Khazarians for sure!

  10. jeff says:

    I had a thought this morning, is the Superbowl really the supperbowl , and the things that are being added to the account in the way of sin’s piling judgement to be later pour back out on the world. I had this thought after watching this clip in an interview with her last week.

  11. Jeane says:

    Carlos – Possible connections.

    I. “Like a virgin” – “parthogenesis” a creature able to create it’s own babies without sex with another of like kind. Both male and female organs in one “creature.” “Virgin birth.”

    Book of Genesis – Pay attention – First man was created – “both male and female” was man created in the image of god. NEXT CHAPTER – THEN man was separated into male and female – the two came together and were “ONE.” Angels – fallen angels – have both sex organs and are now able to have “virgin” births without sex with the opposite sex.

    I.E. = Nephilim – the Aryon race Hitler was trying to create. The reason for the push across the earth to “mix” the sexes.

    Are we to be burned with “fire” like Nuclear bombs. Or are we even now being “burned” with FIRE from Shiva/Maitreya – the hindu gods. (Shiva:VIRGIN Mary) – the “foreign god” that the Antichrist is using to take over the world. Part of THE GREAT DECEPTION. Todd Bentley proclaims “Fire” to those he lays hands on (the Hindu god) – and they fall to the floor. The spirit transfers like “fire” to anyone that hands have been laid on to. A false idol – the one that brings God to jealousy (Book of Jeremiah). Chasing after signs and miracles. Hindu Yoga – meditation and letting anything enter your mind. Are there other gods? The Bible says there are – however, they are NOT the Most High God we serve – the one that all foreign idols/gods will bow their knee to as our Lord and Savior takes authority over the earth.

    Is Jesus the only spirit that heals? What about the lame man that couldn’t get into “the water” fast enough to capture his healing – It is in the Bible. Jesus healed him. Maitreya is known for his “healing waters” in Asia. (How long does Shiva healing last?) A careful study of satan defines him as both a healer and great skills with music.

    Our minds are being programmed by cable TV – superbowl commercials, etc.

    We are now running in Joel 2 – creatures – HUMANS – the Army of the Lord (being used as god used Babylon to destroy the Israelites) in-filled with demons. Golden Crowns (Jesus is the head of this Army – read Joel 2 carefully) with hair like women (check out Revelation Chapter 9). The Bottomless Pit has already been opened and the numbers are increasing daily of those in America that are Christ-less being filled with demons from the pit. Faces like men – faces like lions (the Lion of Judah) going into every window – destroying. Jesus came as the Savior – the second time He tells us in many places in the Bible that He is COMING AS A THIEF (JOEL 2). Priests – ministers of the Lord are to weep at our church altars and beg our God – Jesus our Savior – for mercy that the heathen would not rule over us.

    Our obelisks – symbols of nephilim – fallen angels with both sex organs – in America and overseas.

    Revelations and Joel 2 are “rolling” forward folks. The time of salvation is quickly quickly drawing to a close. Whom will YOU serve? If you havn’t chosen Jesus – ask Him to save you – if you have not REPENTED of your sins – you soon will have no more time to make that decision.

    The Word says “REPENT and be healed.” If there is no repentence – no conviction of sin – then the meeting – the healings – the revival IS NOT OF GOD! Jesus came to SAVE THE LOST. Yes he was the Great Healer – but His mission was to save sinners from hell. You must repent and turn from sin.

    Nuclear bombs? – or the Army of the Lord – allowing the Antichrist to bring “fire” upon the earth – the fire of the Hindu God Maitreya/Shiva (remember the metal picture of Shiva on the door of CERN?). Apollyon/Abadon – The Destroyer.

    Whom will you choose? …. Time’s up!~

    • Hi Jeane;

      Thanks for all of the possible connections! I really need to find a previous comment you left about Joel 2; this was several months ago, and I recall that it really did fit ideally with that particular topic as well.

      It is frightening to me that the average American (it seems) found the half-time show to be “kind of weird” but was blind to the agenda Madonna was promoting! Where is the spiritual vision? Wake up indeed!

      I especially appreciate your call to repentance and reminder to all of the readers that time is nearly up now. Indeed, it is time to decide! The dark side is now so bold and they are pushing the satanic agenda rapidly toward an inevitable clash. Actually, the clash is already here, but tragically most don’t see it.

      Thanks so much again, dear sister,


      • Jeane says:

        Carlos – I talked about Joel 2/Rev 9 “creatures” wearing gold crowns (that are bringing devastation on the earth). In line with England/UK’s possible involvement in this, I believe the following scriptures and a review of the British flags are quite eye opening:

        Rev 9:7 And the shapes of the LOCUSTS [see below] [were] like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads [were] as it were CROWNS LIKE GOLD, and their faces [were] as the FACES OF MEN.

        Rev 9:8 And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as [the teeth] of lions.

        Notice the CROWN LIKE GOLD on the LION’S head. Note the Scottish UNICORN in the picture.

        Deu 33:17 His glory [is like] the firstling of his bullock, and his horns [are like] the horns of UNICORNS: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they [are] the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they [are] the thousands of Manasseh.

        Psa 22:21 Save me from the lion’s mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the UNICORNS.

        Isa 34:7 And the UNICORNS shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness.

        Man was made in the image of the “Elohim” which in my understanding are the senior angels. Paraphrasing Exodus – god made man in the image of the Elohim, BOTH male and female. In the NEXT chapter man was separated into a man and a woman – who when they come together make “one.” In other words – we were first created like the Elohim who have both sex organs. We were a NEW creation – separated into two entities so that Adam would have a help mate.

        The Statute of Liberty is a representation of Aphrodite (who had both sex organs) (also called Isis – etc.) The DNA of men has now been altered to create Nephilim – men made by earthly men manipulating DNA. Nephilim. They have no soul because our Lord God did not create them – men did. They can reproduce a baby with no interaction of the opposite sex. The births are called “VIRGIN births.” Their symbols are creatures of the earth that create babies without sex with others of like kind: certain sects of SCORPIONS – desert LOCUSTS – BEES (as pictured on the Pope’s robe) – LIZARDS – pagoda DRAGONS – all symbols of Illuminati – blue bloods – descendents of fallen angels. (Dragons are featured on some English flags.)

        Clearly we are in the time just like the days before the flood.

      • Hi Jeane;

        Thanks for the thorough descriptions. These verses have been some of the hardest for prophecy experts to come to terms with, and you have put forth a valient effort here!

        There is a comment on another post (A.A. Allen’s Astounding Vision . . .) in which the writer discusses Joel also, as his writings relate to America. I will study that again closely, so you could follow my answer to his/her comment for more information.

        I believe that the Statue of Liberty represents the mother goddess who has had multiple names, some of which you mentioned. Amazing connection to Madonna, I might add!

        Yes, we are in those “pre flood” days again, aren’t we? Except this time, they are “pre fire”.

        Thanks again for your excellent contribution!



      • Jeane says:


        Eros is at once both the primordial force that drives CREATION and one of the Erotes Who met Aphrodite on the shores of Kypris after she rose from the foam of Oranos’ castrated loins. Some mythos even describe him as the son of Aphrodite, either via Ares, Hephaestos or PARTHOGENESIS (She was born pregnant with Him), while others describe His powers as independent of Hers, though His worship is closely linked with hers through the bond of a shared domain. In ancient art, they are frequently depicted in close company (though not always; many depictions of Eros completely independent of Aphrodite, both in paintings and statuary, survive). In Hellenistic (later period) art, especially ancient mosaics, he is often depicted as a putti (a cherub or winged infant),

      • Hi Jeane;

        Thanks for the information from the link. How many goddesses do you think are revealed within the Statue of Liberty? Or is this one goddess with mutliple names? In my opinion, everything goes back to Babylon, and “she” spread from there. But she has a new home in America, and her spirit now resides in the Land of the Free (freedom from God would be the true meaning, tragically).

        Thanks and Blessings,


  12. janie says:

    Carlos, I am astounded at the depth and coherence in this study, and I enjoyed reading before the superbowl 46…(which I never had any intention of watching, but I was emphatic that the giants would win, to the chagrin of my husband, a life long patriots fan, although now he only watches the one game, and only if the patriots are playing…he was fascinated by your study, and now after the fact he sees how we are being positioned)…there were 3 articles posted on stevequayle’s site about the halftime show, all right in line with your study…one of them even included the video of the13 minute black mass, on the 39th parallel (on the 39th anniversary year of roe v wade)…so I watched it then, what a heartbreak, what a snare in darkness our nation has submitted to…may we come out from among them and touch no unclean thing…thank you for your work….janie

    • Thanks so much, janie, for your kind words. I am pleased that you enjoyed the article, and that your husband did as well!

      I appreciate the mention of links on Steve Quayle’s site, too. Those analyses were excellent, and I’ve even briefly updated my article with Sharon Gilbert’s link included.

      You are right, it is heartbreaking indeed to watch the fall of this nation.

      When this blog was yet quite new, you had left me a most encouraging comment which did much to make me realize that all the effort I put into the research was actually paying off. It came at a time when I was feeling quite discouraged, so I cannot thank you enough for your support through these months, janie. Time is so short now, that I just wanted to let you know how much your contributions have meant to me and this small ministry. Praise God for the way in which He brings parts of the Body together in these end times!

      Blessings to you, dear sister,


    • Thanks so much, jerry, for the kind comment. And also for the link! Fascinating! I’m so glad that others are doing the surgical analysis of the performance, for that is really not my cup of tea, so to speak. In combination with my “pre-game analysis”, however, we could say that a frightening picture emerges here!

      Truth be told, the research alone for this article took a lot out of me, as in one sense it is sad to realize that the end is now so close.

      The author of the linked article, plus Sharon Gilbert and others, have done an amazing job.

      Again, I appreciate your contribution to the discussion!



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  14. jerry mcfarland says:

    I was looking at the half-time pictures and noticed something. The picture at the end saying “world peace” seems to form a dragon or maybe a phoenix rising. It also resembles the American eagle, i.e. Babylon. Thought that was interesting.

    • Thanks jerry!-

      I took another look at this image, and I can see a phoenix rising. Not so clear to me would be the eagle or dragon (edit- I see the dragon now!). The phoenix will rise out of the ashes of America Babylon, so this really fits, sadly. Follwed by the antichrist establishing his world kingdom and false world peace.

      Good eyes, jerry, and thanks for “watching”.



  15. Anne says:

    Whitney Houston dies on February 11, 2012. She also has a history with the Superbowl.

    Madonna’s performance and Whitney’s death “bookend” the same week. One is not a “Patriot”, while the other definitely was. This is incredible given the Giant’s win over the Patriots on Sunday, February 5.

    The Day the Music Died. Her last public performance was on Feb. 10, 2012 at a pre-Grammy party of Kelly Price, when she took the stage and sang “Jesus Loves Me”.

    The history of this Christian hymn is yet another clue to this revelation.

    The tune was added in 1862 by William Batchelder Bradbury who found the text of “Jesus Loves Me” in this book, in which the words were spoken as a comforting poem to a dying child

    • Hi Anne;

      Thanks so much for your contribution. Yes, the connections are eerie indeed. These links are very helpful. I also got a lot out of reading Joseph Herrin’s take on the death of the patriot Whitney Houston-

      As brother Joseph points out, Whitney sang at Super Bowl 25, just 21 (7 + 7 + 7) years earlier. The Giants won that game too, by thw way.

      The “original day the music died” was February 3rd of 1959, 53 years and a week before the Feb. 10th performance you mentioned.

      Personally, I keep hearing her amazing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner these last 2 days. What a tragic sign for America was the passing of Whitney Houston.

      I appreciate your sending all these great connections, Anne.



  16. Olive Mary says:

    Dear Brother Carlos, What a week. Just finished reading a great blog called parablesblog and the author quoted your great work on the superbowl. It was titled Whitney Houston- Death of the Patriot. Just wanted you to see your name and how he tied it all together. Am so blessed to be seeing all of the signs, what times we live in. Also when pray for you I also include Sister Alison Pound too. She and my daughter both are named Alison with one L. Take care!

    • Hi Olive Mary;

      Yes, what a week indeed, I know what you mean. I am richly blessed by brother Joseph’s work; here is the link again-

      I also appreciate his mention of this article. It is startling that with Whitney Houston’s death six days later (6 is the number of man, and I am finding in my unpublished research that combinations of 6, especially 666, are “marker numbers” for America) we are indeed seeing precursor signs to the fulfillment of Revelation 18:22 . . .

      “And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;”

      . . . precisely as predicted by the “harpist” connection with Madonna. Eerie. Personally I have been very emotional, and weeping so much over these signs of what is soon coming.

      Your prayers truly help to keep me going, dear sister. And I am so grateful, too, that you are praying for my amazing sister Alison. She is such a blessing and prayer warrior that I truly don’t know what I’d do without her support. God bless you, sister.

      In Christ Jesus,


    • Alison says:

      Hi Olive Mary,
      I saw what you said about praying for me! Thank you so much. I feel very blessed. Be assured that your prayers make a difference. We all need someone praying for us. I see that Carlos and I have been pointed out to you and you likewise have been pointed out to me by the Lord. Therefore you will be remembered in my prayers and I look forward to seeing all that He will do through this, in us all. God bless.

  17. Anne says:

    Hi again, Carlos,
    The Lord led me also the that discovery before I read Joseph Herrin’s blog. (The 21 year difference from Whitney’s performance at Superbowl XXV and Madonna’s performance at Superbowl XLVI). I thought of your link from and the number 21.

    Interesting also (from Wikipedia) about the Star Spangles Banner’s single by Whitney was released on February 12, EXACTLY 21 years before her death.

    Quote: “Eventually, the CDs, audio cassettes of the performance were released on February 12, and its video singles on February 17, 1991 in the United States by Arista Records, respectively.”

    According to Virginia Patrick’s blog

    she mentions the Greek god, Eros. His Latin name is CUPID.

    Article after article I have read on Houston’s death, refer to her as “America’s sweetheart”.

    Then her last song publicly sang is “Jesus LOVES me”. Wow! Could it become any plainer than this? None of us will probably ever know all the truth concerning the timing and cause of Whitney’s death, but one thing NONE of us can deny. God is speaking to us through this event, just as He did through Tim Tebow’s performance on January 8.

    We have rejected His great love, and now He will hit at the “heart” of America’s idols. I had a dream many years ago in which I was allowed to feel the rejection of God’s love by America. He felt the wound of a lover rejected; and now He is calling one last time….no PLEADING….with America to turn her heart back to Him.

    Herrin’s assessment is good concerning the joy and mirth. That is also what I sensed and that is what I meant by “the day the music died”. The TRUE day of course was in 1959. In February.

    I have many personal reasons for following all of this, but Carlos, your articles on Madonna and American Pie truly blessed me and confirmed many things that God has been telling me concerning a personal family matter. There are SEASONS in the lives of His people and in nations.

    While I agree mostly with Joseph Herrin’s article, I do not concur with him that there will be a revival of any kind. Scripture simply does not indicate it. I believe hard times are coming to this nation. It is a foreboding that I have, but I do not despair. These things must happen, and just when things look the darkest, the Trump of God will sound and for His people, this will be all but a faded memory.

    • Hi Anne;

      So nice to hear from you again. You are really good at connecting the dots! Amazing about the February 12 release of the single “The Star Spangled Banner”. These meanings are just so very clear to those of us with spiritual eyes and ears, aren’t they?; yet sadly not to the American people as a whole. The message is dire for America, and is not one to celebrate, of course, except that we know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming back soon.

      Anne, once again, excellent research and insight regarding the connection to the most amazing rendition of America’s national anthem and the time span of precisely 21 years. In many ways, Whitney Houston was indeed America’s sweetheart. She was amazingly talented, gorgeous, and had what appears to have been a solid Christian upbringing. So I agree with this assessment. It is also quite profound to realize that although Madonna is the biggest selling female artist of all time, it was Whitney Houston who was the most awarded female artist in history.

      Thanks for the links, too- I appreciate the great connections which Virginia Patrick made, and of all of them it was this statement which really shook me and resonated-

      “Do you know what spirits these kinds of rituals bring? Whirlwinds of demons!”

      She is correct. In the Bible, whirlwinds most often evince coming judgment, which generally originates from the north. Therefore, these judgments by satanic forces are allowed by God once a nation turns its back on Him. Intriguingly, Virginia Patrick had also noted “north” in her article.

      Your dream truly resonates with me. Within dreams, God has showed me what is soon coming to America. Those times when I pray at my special prayer place He allows me to feel His great sadness over America’s rejection of His love. Without exception I break down and weep, for His heart is broken as is mine. I agree that there will not be an American revival, but I do believe that there is already starting a “coming out” spiritually, from Babylon, by the True Church and it also represents a refining of this very small remnant. That is the good news I can glean from these events, for I believe America’s fate is already written in Jeremiah 51:3-

      “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.”

      Does this mean that we give up? Of course not; rather, it means that we strive even harder to reach the lost in these waning days, as we simultaneously become further refined by these judgments which are befalling our nation and thereby are purified that we may become His bride.

      Anne, I appreciate your kind words about this Madonna article as well as about “The Day the Music Will Die”. Both represent topics which the Lord put before me and the Holy Spirit guided me on until they were complete. I am very excited about where He is leading me next in terms of research and in making public certain sacred secrets which He has already opened my eyes to, Praise Him!

      Abundant blessings to you, Anne, and thanks again for your outstanding contribution to the topic and the discussion.

      Your brother in Christ,


  18. jeff says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I saw this video presented this morning and it gives and supports everything you have discovered yourself about it was sent in the comments on Cindy By The Sea’s post and that it good to post it here as well. The commenter goes on to say this about the NFL.
    “snip~ “Why would the National Football League plan such a pagan halftime show? Furthermore, at this moment in world history where the New World Order is rushing so quickly upon us, why would the NFL plan a show which was filled with the key symbolism of the pagan belief in the New Order and in the key Egyptian symbolism and belief structure which under girds the entire New World Order?

    The answer is that the National Football League was originally established by two member of the Satanic secret society, Skull & Bones!

    Are you surprised?

    The founding fathers of the American football were two men, Walter Camp (Skull & Bones year 1880) and Amos Alonzo Stagg (Skull & Bones year 1888)”.
    Here is the you tube video:

    Notice the connection to BHO

    • jeff says:

      Started looking at the Skull and Bones history and look who shows up there,
      George H. W. Bush His Skull and Bones nickname was “Magog. WOW I wonder what that all meant? I wonder why we don’t hear about these fraternal organizations when they are running for president?

      • Hi Jeff;

        Yes, I remember reading about that “Magog” deal! But, you are right, there was very little discussion about Skull and Bones. I do recall one question for both George W. Bush and John Kerry, though, which had to do with Skull and Bones (since they were both members; Yale elite). Also, there apparently is evidence that Skull and Bones have in their possession the skull of Chief Geronimo. There was mention of a lawsuit a couple of years ago involving the heirs of Geronimo. All quite bizarre sounding, but I certainly won’t dismiss the possibility! I have also read (I believe in the book “No Green Bananas”) that Geronimo became a Christian later in his life. Again, haven’t confirmed this!

        Thanks, Jeff, fascinating connection indeed,


    • Hi Jeff;

      Thanks for posting this video. Actually, I had included the link to it in my ALL CAPS update on the 10th! You are right, it all fits, and I like the way that they went into a discussion of the game symbolism as well.

      Sadly, I’m not surprised at all by the Skull and Bones connection. I am quite certain that they were responsible for some of the “rituals” in ancient Babylon during George W. Bush’s presidency.

      And, yes, strong connection to BHO in the Super Bowl, too.

      Thanks Jeff!,


  19. russ duteau says:

    Thanks so much Carlos. I haven’t e-mailed you in quite a while but you got it exactly right. Modonna is also wearing a headpiece of the Egyptian god of the dead. The videos were also excellent. God bless your work Carlos.

    • Hi Russ;

      I appreciate your kind words, and also your observation. I know, that was quite the headdress she wore!

      It is very nice to hear from you again; it had been awhile.

      God bless you brother,


  20. Anne says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I was wondering if you have gotten any revelation from the Lord connecting Madonna’s half-time performance at the Superbowl with Whitney Houston’s death. I did a date calculation, and there is 153 days from September 11, 2011 (the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and also connected to Whitney through her re-release of “The Star Spangled Banner”) to her death on Feb. 11, 2012.

    Also, if you add 64 days (the number of years anniversary this year of Israel’s Independence) to February 11, it comes out to April 15, 2012 (the 100th anniversary of the U.S.S. Titanic’s sinking).

    Bibi Netanyahu is going to be in Washington on March 5 (just three days before Purim) to speak to AIPAC and while here will visit “O”.

    From the date Garth Brook’s sang “American Pie” at “O’s” inauguration (Jan. 18, 2009) to March 7 (eve of Purim) thate is 1,144 days.

    Lots of interesting connecting numbers.

    • Hi Anne;

      Nice to hear from you again. Amazing connections with the numbers!

      Of all of these, I find the 153 days to be the most striking. The number 153 is simply flush with powerful meanings, most of which revolve around “people of God” and “the Church”. Perhaps the message of her death involves a message to the Church in America, both the True and apostate churches, as well as to America in general.

      The 1144 day connection is very interesting, too, and I have “found” that same number before in calculations. Thanks for the reminder, as I would like to go back and do some further number crunching on American Pie, for that article I wrote. As I mentioned to another commenter, I may actually update “The Day the Music Will Die” based on some fascinating facts I have uncovered through my reading of the stellar Don McLean biography “The Don McLean Story: Killing Us Softly with His Songs” by Alan Howard.

      However, the Lord has not spoken to me any more about the Whitney Houston connection to Madonna’s half-time show outside of the Star Spangled Banner “sign”. Her death is another powerful sign that America herself is falling; sad thing is that very few will take this as such. The vast majority of Americans are spiritually blind. I had a very emotional experience the other night while listening to America the Beautiful while in an auditorium full of people. I wondered if I was the only one there who was aware that America’s demise is at the door?

      Anne, again I appreciate your very strong contribution to the topic, and may the Lord bless you immensely.

      In Christ Jesus,


  21. Anne says:

    You are quite correct in Whitney Houston’s death being yet another sign in the demise of America.

    I was blessed by your Babylon article and the Lord reminded me of what I said above in one of my comments,

    The history of this Christian hymn is yet another clue to this revelation.

    The tune was added in 1862 by William Batchelder Bradbury who found the text of “Jesus Loves Me” in this book, in which the words were spoken as a comforting poem to a dying child

    The “dying child” reminded me of the Boy Scout who witnessed to the dying Thelma “Butterfly” McQueen the words, “Jesus loves you”.

    Anna Bartlett Warner was born on Long Island. (from Wikipedia) Her former family home is now a museum on the grounds of The United States Military Academy, [1] which was opposite the house during her lifetime and where her uncle had been chaplain from 1828-1838.

    Whitney’s death is most assuredly a sign. The 153 days after the 9/11 – 10th anniversary and 64 days prior to the Titanic’s sinking is phenomenal to be sure. Especially in light of the March 5 meeting in Washington between Bibi and “O”.

    This is also very personal to me. I believe what the Lord is showing me is that the Parable of the Barren Fig tree of Luke 13 began in the Spring of 2008 (when Israel celebrated their 60th anniversary of Independence). In the Luke 13 parable that would make the 4th year that the tree was to be dung around to conclude this Spring. Whitney’s death is exactly 1,440 days after the birth of our first grandchild. She is here only by a miracle and the Grace of God. (long story, but our daughter was high risk from 6 weeks gestation). The Lord gave me another sign the first day she laughed. That was May 14, 2008. We are in the season.

    • Hi Anne;

      Nice to receive such wonderful feedback from you again. What a profound connection you have found between the death of Thelma McQueen and that of Whitney Houston through the story of Anna Bartlett Warner and her Long Island connection (to remind our readers, Babylon, New York is on Long Island). I intend to actually quote a portion of your comment and apply it to the “Babylon, Babylon” article. If I am not mistaken, Whitney Houston was born in neighboring New Jersey. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention; it is simply amazing that the Boy Scout was repeating “Jesus loves you” to Thelma McQueen and that Whitney Houston’s final song was “Jesus Loves Me”. Those two women had starkly contrasting belief systems, too, by all accounts.

      I can certainly relate with you about personal confirmations. That same number, 1440 days, also acts as a profound confirmation to me, as I will discuss in a future article.

      Praise God for the miraculous birth of your granddaughter! The sermon at our church this morning was about the power of prayer, and during the sermon I received a confirmation about a dream of my own which I was trying to interpret. It involved the word “swimming”. The pastor talked about “swimming in the Gospel” and I knew through the Holy Spirit right then that my preliminary interpretation was correct.

      Blessings, Anne, and please continue to share what you are discovering!

      In Christ Jesus,


  22. Just want to add that an article of mine (this one) has finally made it onto the very popular “reddit” site. I feel honored, for this article which the Lord directed me to write, and took weeks of research, was posted in their “athiesm” (meant to read “atheism” I suppose?) subcategory (or whatever it’s called). Here is the description of my article, credit to a certain “jmhoule”-

    “Truly painful to read. A long and convoluted explanation of Madonna is ‘The Harlot of Babylon’ and how her half-time show signals the end of time”

    To this point here, I’ve been a bit sarcastic, but the truth is that I hope my article of truth reached one person who was leaning toward atheism and helped turn his/her life around. The power of the resurrected Jesus Christ may never be underestimated! And, that said, although it can be frustrating to keep writing when it seems pointless, remember that we (Christian bloggers) are reaching people with the Good News (many thanks, brothers and especially certain sisters, for your encouragement lately while I’ve struggled).

    With love in Christ,


  23. H says:

    I was SO intrested in reading your article until you had the audacity to write that Muslims are Satan Worshippers! That you are more disturbed passing by a mosque than one of these occult worship

    • Hi H;

      Thanks for your comment. It’s too bad that your enjoyment of the article* was terminated when you read those words, but they are true. The occult leaders and Muslim jihadists are working together to bring down America. What do you think happened on September 11, 2001? I stand by my statement that Muslims worship satan. Unwittingly, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact. Look at it this way- everything depends on their prophet Muhammad and the spirit in the cave. If this spirit was truly Gabriel, then their “Allah” would be the One True God and Muhammad would be a true prophet. But if the spirit was demonic, then Muhammad was a false prophet and they worship another entity, that is, satan himself. I have done a lot of research and have started an article which covers this topic. Now, about the mosque near my house? Yes, it bothers me at least as much as the occult places for ever since the mosque was built the spiritual darkness in my neighborhood has greatly increased. I am very spiritually sensitive, so it is clear to me that this mosque is the reason. Also, the mosque is part of the “ISGH”, a Saudi Wahhabi group, in other words extremist Sunni. Remember, 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals, and all 19 subscribed to Wahhabism.

      Thanks again, H, for your comment and please prayerfully consider my words.



      *Besides, God has sent me to proclaim the truth and to warn America, not to win any popularity contest nor to entertain . . .

      My latest article paints a disturbing picture of what this occult/Muslim working relationship will bring to America’s shores & heartland within the next few years-

      P.S.: It occurs to me, H, that I probably should have used the word “equalled” instead of “surpassed”; the neighborhood mosque was fresh in my mind while writing, and that particular sentence reveals my emotional state at the time . . . so, I appreciate your valuable comment for it allowed for a wonderful “teaching moment” and also caused me to look more closely. Shalom!

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  26. Truly Carlos, you are filled with the Holy Spirit. It shines forth from your words…

    • Hi “Dreams”;

      Thank-you for your kind remark, it is wonderful confirmation as sometimes this “line of work” can be so difficult, as you well know! And I struggle each day to overcome the flesh.

      I appreciate also your wonderful blog and the obedience you show to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      Shalom and Abundant Blessings to you,


  27. ray says:

    hey there carlos —

    a fine piece, i especially liked the use of zechariah in current-events eschatology, he is overlooked and i employ his work a lot too

    on the Indianapolis, Indiana Super Bowl

    Madonna, as you report, is a mass-cultural expression of Ishtar, ie, Babylon, Shinar, etc — the fallen angel over both the u.s., and the continents

    Madonna’s show was in Indiana as another oblation to the goddess, Indiana = in Diana, ie the geographic and political entity of the State of Indiana, as a subset of the u.s. (babylon, the goddess)

    others states have these resonances, but perhaps none so overtly as in-Diana! lol but there’s Virginia, Georgia, Carolina are all types of invocations

    thanks Carlos

    • Hi ray;

      Great addition to the article; I had not even considered the “In Diana” connection. . . haha, well the occult like to cover their bases. Of all the stunning things I found out in researching for this article, one that might stand out as most curious is the EXACT 252 miles between Madonna’s birthplace and the stadium center.

      Zechariah is very overlooked- actually, he is a “visionary” to the degree of Daniel, Ezekiel, and John just much less “famous”.

      I appreciate, ray, that you seem to be reading many of my articles. Your comments are routinely excellent and add to the thesis. So, thanks!



  28. ray says:

    lets say on Stupor Bowl Judgment Sunday, that jeremiah, isaiah, zechariah, and elijah were sitting on your couch carlos

    theyve been dead awhile, so you bring them to-date, tell them theyre about to see a national celebration, something iconic of the American Spirit, the focus of its psychospiritual energy

    then you click the teevee and show your guests madonna holding harp, wearing egyptian solar head-dress etc

    what conclusions would your friends draw? what might their reaction and recommendation be?

    p.s. cirque du soleil’s background is steeped in the occult, solar rites, androgyny etc (not innocent entertainment, sorry carlos!)

    “It was during the five-day Feast of Sheshach that Belshazzar’s Babylon fell to the Medes/Persians”

    yeah God rubbing it in, gonna finish your empire DURING your goddess party :O)

    babylon would NEVER have let the hebrew remnant emigrate, much less charter the building of a TEMPLE TO YAHWEH

    !! lol

    with the chaldean priests that ran babylon outta the picture, and demonic power scattered, it was possible (temporarily) to influence the new king . . . before the vampire-whore could settle on her next empiric victim, persia and its king

    thanks Carlos, derecho a Dios!

    • Hi ray;

      I must say that I got a chuckle out of your description of the great prophets sitting on my living room couch! Haha, wouldn’t that be cool!

      True, these great men of God would not have any problem “interpreting” the meaning of the half-time show, and I imagine that they would sense the empire was about to be judged! Not only that, but I wonder what they’d think of American football in general? Hmm . . .

      Thanks for the contribution ray, and blessings,


  29. ray says:

    ray, that you seem to be reading many of my articles

    if the big waves really were in hawaii carlos, i’d be there ;O)

    i used to love custard-filled, dark-chocolate eclairs when i was a kid (yes God did take them away in adulthood, hope that made you folks feel better!)

    so the few havens like this are my Eclairs now, i cherish and covet them ferociously, as the former

    even the comment thread was drenched in Spirit, full of delightful condemnations of babylon! and of reasons to divorce her

    zechariah is everfresh to my ears, what a marvellous man:

    first chap is call to return to the LORD, and horseman in myrtle-tree grove w/fellow riders (judah/oregon, ie. broadly, = royal remnant scattered in u.s.)

    second is measuring-line man (zerubbabel redux) then LORD’s promise of judah inheritance, and restoration of jerusalem (in this context, lost tribes of israel, and of geophysical Jerusalem for Christ’s Throne

    third chap is defense, cleansing, and crowning of joshua as high-priest, direct precedent to Christ

    only when joshua is prepared and invested does God place the Branch and stone (Jeshua the Christ) before joshua and his wonder-men — this means accord in spirit, and link-down of Christ’s Kingdom

    fourth chapter introduces zerubbabel — but there are TWO witnesses, not one, just as two began the LORD’s Temple in ruined jerusalem

    in chapter 2, why does satan manifest to oppose joshua?

    bc these chapter elements are interdependent — the goal is chapter 5, when the flying-scroll judgment issues forth against babylon, and against the world, targetting satan’s enterprises, secular and “churchly” — liars and thieves who stole the inheritances and places of God’s chosen people

    the scroll flies — more than literally — and it is huge, and twelve-point type is not huge, but a small thing, which in the Book of Zechariah, the LORD said not to despise


    some of this is already aloft

    so, idea is getting from chapter 3, to chapter 5 — defending and crowning joshua and his fellows, and filling the Flying Scroll until, paradoxically, it’s lighter than air, or even light, cause how much does the truth weigh? no more than Jesus probly :O)

    cant wait to see what you skribble on it next carlos! cheers

    • Hi ray;

      Well, I’m stunned by your words. Thanks for the wonderful encouragement. This helps immensely and great timing as I’m about to lock myself in a small room and not come out until I’ve finished a long and important article!

      Excellent summary, too, of the Book of Zechariah. That’s one we need to spend a lot of time in, as we approach Tribulation and the images come to pass before our very eyes.

      The Flying Scroll- one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, rich with meaning. Thanks for the insights!



  30. ray says:

    hi carlos, pls let me correct myself on something — joshua isnt crowned high-priest (he’s already high priest, on earth) but is invested in governorship sense, ie as “king” having terrestrial capacities (especially judgment capacties), and bridging to the advent of Christ in Earth’s atmosphere, with his saints and beloveds


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