The Freedom Tower of Babylon: some musings as it ascends into the heavens (13 May, 2013 Update)

13 May, 2013 Update

In his excellent post today, brother Art . . .

. . . mentioned the Tower beam which was signed by President Obama with a vow.

The vow reads:

We remember

We rebuild

We come back stronger!


The English Gematria of these eight words equals 2418-

2418 = 6 (man) x 13 (rebellion) x 31 (God), or could we say “Man’s rebellion (against) God”?

Furthermore, adding 2418 to the English Gematria of 978, for Barack Hussein Obama, as per his signature, yields-

2418 + 978 = 3396

There is only one verse in the Bible with a Gematria of 3396, and it is Proverbs 29:1-

He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.


10 May, 2013 Update

Freedom Tower is now officially at 1776 feet, as of today, 10 May, 2013-

From AP-

A spire was fully installed atop One World Trade Center on May 10, bringing the New York City structure to its symbolic height of 1,776 feet. It will serve as a world-class broadcast antenna and also as a beacon to ward off aircraft. The building is at the northwest corner of the site where the twin World Trade Center towers were destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Folks, this is not a good sign nor should it be a proud moment; rather, this is dire.  I’m especially concerned about physical manifestation of judgment as identified by the equation-

19 x 9 = 171

2 May, 2013 Update

Big news today out of Babylon City, Babylon-


Flag-covered spire hoisted to top of One World Trade Center

The final pieces of the massive spire that will crown One World Trade Center were hoisted up the building today — exactly two years after a Navy SEAL team broke into Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound and took down the man who killed thousands of Americans and destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11 . . .

. . . the 408-foot spire will bring the building to an iconic 1,776 feet tall, making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere and third tallest in the world.

“Everybody put a lot of proud work into this building,” said iron worker Michael O’Reilly, 38. “This is our city. This is our building. We put it back up.”. . .

. . . Construction workers and bystanders — many of them using cell phones to take photos and videos of the piece being raised — clapped and cheered as it was lifted to the top of the structure.

An American flag hung from the spire as it ascended into the sky.  . . . “It feels great to be a part of history.”

Here is what the prophet has to say against these vain and proud people who continue to provoke the vengeful anger of Almighty God-

Within months to very few years this vile city will be absolutely desolate, her many idols shattered on the ground, and the iron and clay of this “Freedom Tower” will be as the Tower of Babel, ground into the dust, never more to rise.

Lamentations 1:1-

How doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people! how is she become as a widow! she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!


30 August, 2012 Update

While watching Hurricane Isaac coverage on the Weather Channel the other day, I heard something which stopped me in my tracks.  It was an ad for the new show “Iron Men” which apparently premiered this week.  The show focuses on iron workers at the site of the new Freedom Tower.  One of the show participants (iron workers) was speaking, and this is what I heard and jotted down immediately; hopefully it is an exact quote-

I’m proud to be working at Ground Zero – sacred ground – we’ve got to put this thing back up

With all I know about the Freedom Tower and the spirit of defiance which it represents, I find this statement prophetically disturbing.  This man probably thinks that he is part of a most wonderful and worthy endeavor by being a member of the team which is constructing the Tower.  If only he could see the spiritual truth.  Sadly, this is typical of the average American’s attitude as well, but praise God for certain bloggers and authors like Jonathan Cahn who are opening eyes and hearts to the truth of the matter.


3 July, 2012 Update

Just listened to a great interview from yesterday, in which Daniel Eggers of “Prayers for the People”( was interviewed by Steve Coerper of “The Anakypto Forum”.  Here is the link to the program-

Please listen to the entire interview, as Daniel discusses current events in the USA and relates them to America’s treatment of Israel.  Just after the 15 minute mark, the discussion is about the Freedom Tower and the date April 30, 2012.  Amazingly, this date connects with President Obama’s famous “on the 73rd day I will rest” quip of 2009.  I had not made this profound connection.  And, there is much, much more in this interview.  PLEASE LISTEN!


Update of 20 June, 2012

Cindy of “cindybythesea” has written an excellent article which will inform the readers about the latest prophetic happenings at Ground Zero.  Please see her work here-

President Obama seems to be involved in prophetic acts frequently these days.

If you haven’t yet read “The Harbinger” (see Bibliography) please consider doing so; alternatively, the related dvd “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” is available as a separate option.


Yesterday I awakened to this headline . . .

. . . which contained the following quote (bold emphasis C.M.N.)-

The new tower at the World Trade Center site is scheduled to become the tallest building in New York City today (April 30, 2012).

As long as the weather cooperates, the tower will surpass the 1,250-foot Empire State Building at 2 p.m. on its way to a final height of 1,776 feet.

The following article contains even more detail, and mentions the total height on April 30 as 1271 feet, which is precisely 21 (7+7+7) feet higher than the Empire State Building.  Article here-

As most of the world knows, construction of the Freedom Tower (officially known as “One World Trade Center”), which is projected to rise to a total height of precisely 1776 feet, has been greatly delayed over the past 10 plus years due to a host of problems.  It is being built, of course, to replace the Twin Towers which were destroyed on September 11, 2001.  Over the ensuing years, I have often wondered if God will even allow this tower to be completed, as the building itself clearly represents a modern-day Tower of Babel constructed in defiance of the Most Holy God.  Yet, height-defying assembly work on this shameful structure is going great guns right now, and a milestone was reached on April 30 with the Freedom Tower’s height surpassing that of the Empire State Building, the roof of which levels at 1250 feet.  Whenever thoughts of the old Empire State Building come to mind, I am reminded of the stunning 1954 vision of A.A. Allen in which he vividly witnessed the destruction of America.  I have commented extensively on this vision based on the truth that America is Babylon the Great; here-

I am well aware that Reverend Allen was a controversial figure, and remains so decades after his death. However, it is my prayerful understanding that the profound vision he experienced on the morning of July 4, 1954 was a most incredible and unique gift of prophetic insight which was revealed to him by God Almighty Himself!  If you were to do a quick internet search of the man’s life, you would find some negative things written about him, but digging deeper is where you will discover the truth.  That said, I highly recommend the article by Unleavened Bread Ministries with link below-

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, I decided to check the date duration between that of A.A. Allen’s shocking vision on the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building and April 30, 2012, the day the Freedom Tower surpassed the Empire State Building in overall height to become the tallest building in New York City; results courtesy of-

From and including: Sunday, July 4, 1954  A.A. Allen’s Vision of America’s Destruction from Empire State Building

To, but not including: Monday, April 30, 2012  Freedom Tower surpasses Empire State Building

It is 21,120* days from the start date to the end date

Next, using the Bible Wheel . . .

. . . it is easy to check verse order number 21,120* in the Holy Bible, and this is it, Ezekiel 26:19 (bold emphasis C.M.N. in all verses)-

For thus saith the Lord GOD; When I shall make thee a desolate city, like the cities that are not inhabited; when I shall bring up the deep upon thee, and great waters shall cover thee;

This is shocking similar to what we read of the fate of the cities of Babylon, America, in the Book of Isaiah; 47:11-

Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.

As well as Jeremiah 51:42 to 43-

The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof.  Her cities are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.

In a reading of the Isaiah verse, we can surmise that the people of Babylon are not expecting this devastation and are indeed shocked when this day soon arrives (much as Americans were on the morning of September 11, 2001, yet multiply that shock a thousandfold or more).  Despite the warnings of many watchmen, tragically the people of Babylon in general are going to be caught unaware on this fateful day in the near future.  All that watchmen like myself can do is to keep warning, and continue to harp on the fact that America’s ultimate fate is clearly written in the Word; this in order that more and more Americans may learn the Biblical truth about their nation, turn to God in repentance, and seek to hear His Voice to lead them in these final months and years.

In helping to achieve this goal, there is a new book which I consider “required reading” for each and every American citizen.  This book was not even written from the much more sobering point of view (and Biblical truth) that America is Babylon; nonetheless, it describes in great detail the pattern of judgment through which America is progressing, which is the same pattern faced by ancient Israel, down to the very details we read about in Isaiah 9!  This book to which I refer is short-titled “The Harbinger” and the author is Jonathan Cahn.  Indeed, I relate closely with both main characters of the book, the prophet and the scribe, the watchmen . . . what can a watchman do but blow the trumpet when he sees approaching danger, and warn the populace?  This is precisely what the watchman is required to do, daily and without fail, generally while enduring much ridicule and hostility even (especially?) from amongst fellow Christians.

Here is one of the key verses in question as we consider the harbingers which point to America’s ultimate judgment; Isaiah 9:10-

The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

Yes, readers, this has everything to do with 9/11, with New York City and, most importantly, with the nation of America as a whole.  Not to mention that this profound verse has been confirmed by two witnesses; read the sobering truth in the book, and for amazing insights from 2009 which ring more true with each passing day please also read the publication by Sue Bradley which is included in the Bibliography (2 parts).  Her stunning article is entitled “THE WATCHMEN, 911, and The Harbingers“, and I also consider this gem “required reading”.

The fact is that, Biblically, towers generally have a negative implication.  Certainly a tower built to the glory of man, as he vainly attempts to ascend into the heavenlies in order that he be like the Most High, is a complete affront to the Almighty God.  Can anyone deny that this “Freedom Tower” honors man, mankind’s so-called “accomplishments”, and American arrogance?  How does this tower honor God Himself?  It clearly does not honor God, in any way, shape, or form.  Let us remember the lesson learned by the original Babylonians of Nimrod’s** day; Genesis 11:4-

And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

What happened?  Well, God did not allow the tower to be completed, as He scattered the peoples and confused the language, thus the name “Babel” (confusion) the root of “Babylon” of which America has the current and final identity.  “Babylon” can also be translated as “gate of god”, but this is in no way referring to the One True God, but rather to an usurper, which should ring very familiar to Americans in these days of the Obama presidency (more on Obama’s brazen act of usurpation in a future article already in the works).

The fact is that America acted defiantly in the days and years following September 11, 2001.  This is hardly even debatable.  Each act of defiance brings consequences, and draws the ultimate judgment closer yet.  This ultimate judgment is defined as the complete destruction of this once great nation, as America represents end times Babylon herself.  The Freedom Tower is scheduled to be completed in late 2013 or early 2014.  Will God allow its completion?  Perhaps, but on that day I will certainly not be celebrating, for I will know that America’s demise is at the very door.  Instead, chances are that I will be in sackcloth and ashes on behalf of my nation, and on my knees before the King of Kings as I pray that His divine judgment might be delayed that more have a chance to repent and therefore spend eternity with Him.

With Love in Christ,



*The prophecy itself was uttered by the Prophet Ezekiel against Tyre, center of world trade and commerce at the time, much as New York City is today . . .

**The connections between Obama and these 3 Babylonians are stunning and have already been investigated- more to be revealed before the election- these are Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, & Belshazzar . . .



Allen, A.A., 1954, My Vision of the Destruction of America Atop the Empire State Building (Will Russia Invade America?)– Miracle Valley Publ., Phoenix, AZ, USA, 81p.

Bradley, Sue, 2009, THE WATCHMEN, 911, and The Harbingers- AND


Cahn, Jonathan, 2011, The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future– FrontLine Publ., Lake Mary, FL, USA, 262p.


[On a separate note, I am nearly finished with a long and detailed study which investigates the very day of the attack on America; this should be published soon.  Sorry for the delay, sisters and brothers.]


*21,120 days is also precisely 58.666 prophetic years; 58 is “Grace” as in “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Genesis 6:8) . . . 666 is recognizable, of course, and in years is precisely 240 days . . . God is certainly telling us something through this number 21,120 . . .


I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
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71 Responses to The Freedom Tower of Babylon: some musings as it ascends into the heavens (13 May, 2013 Update)

  1. Hi Carlos,

    Just want to tell you that sometime last week I again saw A.A. Allen’s Vision as I closed my eyes in prayer. My reaction was, “Oh no, not again.” I prayed and wondered how soon?

    My vision of a fallen Obama- enraged and in pain and struggling/trying hard to stand up not only represents Obama himself but also of America as the Lord impressed to me. The brace on his neck as I said could well be a description of being “stiff neck” which likewise means “arrogance” as mentioned in Psalm 75:5 which says in the Amplified Bible; “Lift not up your [aggressive] horn on high, speak not with a stiff neck and insolent arrogance.”

    Indeed the watchmen must continue to sound the alarm, warn, warn and warn while there is yet time. I am praying with you that that day be delayed and many will be spared. But as you see from this recent article here:

    we are truly racing against time, if this event is what A.A. Allen’s Vision speaks of.

    Praying for you always…

    Love in Yeshua,


    • Hi Cynthia;

      Thanks so much for sharing. No doubt you have been called as a watchman on the wall for America!

      The article is quite sobering alright. And, yes, the event which A.A. Allen witnessed was the complete devastation of the United States of America. Your vision of Obama is quite profound, and it seems that you have interpreted it correctly. The man has a serious pride issue as does this entire country. The entire Isaiah 9 prophecy is about pride and defiance of the One True God. The fact is this- if America were a Godly nation to any significant degree than an Obama, with such a strong antichrist spirit, could never have been elected. That is simply a fact.

      Thank-you, dear sister, for being obedient to your watchman duties, and as always for your prayers.

      Love in Yeshua,


      • Hi Brother,

        You’ve got to see this:

        Your dream was on April 30, and note this quote from the above link:

        “It was on Monday the rising tower passed the height of the Empire State Building with the installation of a vertical structural beam. The date, April 30, also is a key date revealed in Cahn’s “The Harbinger,” concerning the mystery of Ground Zero.”

        Your dream is a definite confirmation.

        Love in Yeshua,


      • Hi Cynthia;

        Wow, fascinating article from a site I used to check daily, but have not lately. So, thanks very much or else I would not have seen this startling connection!

        I do not remember the April 30 connection in “The Harbinger”; I have loaned out that book, but I’ll be sure to skim through it again when I get it back to look for that date. I was so enthralled with the book that I read it in about 3 days, if not less.

        Indeed, this “Freedom Tower” is a complete disaster because it was born out of defiance.

        Love in Yeshua,


      • Hi Cynthia;

        Thanks for the article; confirms my suspicions. I’m definitely witnessing mosques popping up all over the nation.

        The One True God is not pleased with this trend; other trends noted in the article are also disturbing, such as the loss of mainstream Protestants.



  2. jerry mcfarland says:

    Good article Carlos. I periodically re-read bro Allen’s vision and see the day approaching very quickly. I’m not much of a dreamer – except those caused by latenight pizza – but last night I had an interesting dream. It only lasted a few moments, but stuck with me upon awakening.

    I dreamed my wife and I were with many others traversing a maze of some type. I say “maze” only as a reference to twisting and turning of the path, surrounded by high thick walls. As we were walking, we came to an window-like opening. Out in the distance – near but a ways off – was a reddish ember like glow. We wondered what could have been burned so badly. Suddenly it was morning and we could clearly see the remnants of Washington D.C. Then I woke up.

    I immediately knew the LORD was comforting me regarding what is about to come upon this nation. I believe HE was saying: When America/Babylon is destroyed, I will protect my people.

    We must continue to trust HIM more and more as we warn this people.

    jerry mcfarland

    • Hi Jerry;

      Thanks for your compliment and for sharing your dream. Sounds like you were on a narrow yet difficult path, all the while under protection as evidenced by the brick walls. A window in dream imagery represents a revelation beyond, and I suppose the glow seemed near, but far, as you were also protected from that event but clearly knew that it was D.C. Do you live anywhere near D.C.? Others have had dreams of the nuclear devastation of Washington, D.C., and these people live all over the country. On the other hand, D.C. as the seat of government represents America in general, as does NYC. The main thing is, what you said, that you and the others in your dream (believers) were protected from what is coming. There are so many ways we see in the Bible by which the Lord protects His people; there are clues also specifically for the situation in America. I’ll plan to publish an article on this topic shortly.

      Thanks again for your contribution to this topic, Jerry!



      • jerry mcfarland says:

        No, I’m in Texas. I was also thinking D.C. represented the country in general since the Bible reveals its demise so clearly. Well, clearly once the Holy Ghost opens up understanding.

      • Hi, Jerry, I’m in Texas, too! I think your dream is even more profound in that you do not live in the DC area. Keep praying over the meaning of your dream, as it is possible that there is even more to be revealed through the Holy Spirit. Also, about your dream it occured to me that the narrow pathway you were on might well be viewed as a “hedge of protection”.



  3. Anne says:

    April 30th….hmmm….the day right before the 236th anniversary of the founding of America (May 1, 1776)

    • Great catch Anne. Ah, yes, the birth of the Illuminati and the tie-in to America’s Masonic birthdate! May 1 to July 4 is also 64 days . . . now the number 64 has several profound meanings, though I do not want to get into this too deeply right now. But one meaning is that, based on the fact that it is 8 x 8, 64 could be considered “new beginning” x “new beginning” and, of course, 1776 is 888 + 888. Suffice to say that there were a combination of Masonic reasons for America’s birth to occur (officially) on July 4. Yet, despite the enemy’s best attempts, we must always remember that the Lord is in control.

      I am quite certain that you are correct in your assumption that this “milestone” of April 30 (possibly May 1 in Jerusalem?) was no coincidence, but was deliberate. It was also spot-on one year after the presumed killing of OBL.

      Thanks for your excellent contribution!



  4. alphaomega37 says:

    Had a dream last night. Pretty unpleasant. My second dream involving Obama (in the first I had to tell him that children needed discipline, not much of a dream). This one was weird.
    I realized Obama was a really sick person, i mean morally. yuk, unpleasant. I was being entertained personally by Obama and his camp.
    So I am trying to get away from him. I am trying to walk out of new york (also feels like washington, the obelisk steps vista thing, very high up on steps escaping Obama and his crew) when I see this amazing building, it was ‘Memphis’ I remember. Built like a pyramid but housing turrets and apartments. It was really amazing, still under construction. It stopped me on my way out of new york due to sheer amazement. Then new york seems to be washington, I recognize like landmarks where there is a long stretch up to the big obelisk thing.

    • RS;

      Your discernment during your sleeping hours was spot-on; obviously a dream from the Lord. The New York and Washington, DC “blending” is fascinating, for one represents the governmental center of America and the other the corporate/trade/cultural etc. etc. headquarters (“Babylon city, Babylon”).

      The pyramid portion with the “living quarters” I would suggest speaks of the pervasive culture of America (outside of the True Church, which you represent despite the fact that you’re from the UK) / pyramid, ziggurat, or obelisk all pretty much point to Babylon or Egypt, it seems! Memphis would seem also to point to Egypt. Basically, as far as I can tell from history, Egypt’s Isis and Babylon’s Ishtar were the same goddess. Good chance Obama himself has Egyptian blood (likely Syrian, too).

      Your dream appears to connect Obama, Egypt, and ancient Babylon. All in all, a very “revealing” dream, wow! Please pray about it and the Lord may give you additional insight, as the dream seems absolutely loaded with symbolism.

      Thanks so much for sharing.



      • alphaomega37 says:

        Ok bit more about the building in the dream. On a second look, the material further up seemed quite crumbly, like yellowish sand stone. Although surrounded by a mesh fence due to it being under construction, it was definitely intended to be seen by any passer by. It was on a pretty big scale with the 4 square basis of a pyramid/ziggurat. To make the building appear impressive , the lower sections were covered ( though gaps appeared even at second layer levels) in an expensive metal cladding that was quite shiny. It seemed the metal was expensive but the sandstone further up appeared to be causing the builders problems in completing the edifice. Metal colours were red, black, a kind of silver/gold mix and splashes of aquamarine like blue.

        You got the feeling that this was amazing but also something that would never be finished properly.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        maybe I can place the building. It was about two thirds of the way down the long vista towards, possibly, the obelisk in D.C.
        2/3 rds of the way of my escape route anyway out of N York.(see dream description about this). It was directly adjacent to the wide avenue, right up to the street edge and was on the right hand side of this avenue as I was exiting N York , yes, avenue feels right.
        Something else. New York felt like a ghost town. Barley a soul around. I have had this element of the dream, wasteland New York, for a number of years now. It always leaves me chilled to the bone. I visited N.Y in my early twenties and decided to leave it a day before my companions. I booked my flight back home in one of the WTC. I remember thinking, even then (1980), this building feels unsafe. The massive ground floor, seemingly unsupported.

      • Hi RS;

        The detail in your dream, and especially the “ghost town” feeling of NYC reminds me of a book which I read recently. It is listed in the Bibliography I published about a month ago, and is entitled “The City’s End”. Check it out!


      • alphaomega37 says:

        one last thing. The wasteland dreams I have had for several years are really a nightmare. Such desolation, such wasted energy, such wasted lives. A kind of hell where you were looking to regain your former life but it kept evading you and then promising you the wonders as a harlot does, to stroll around fifth avenue like a king but then the shops were empty and you were destitute again.
        The dream I have described about the pyramid seems not to be at that stage, yet. However, there is a similar feel like it’s going that way. There are a few people around. The feeling is more south american lost city than current NY. Yes , thats it . Like an aztec city.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        an extra last thing. These dreams are all coming back to me now. At the last, when the shops are empty, one is left going round and round this city square (like the base of the pyramid in dimensions). Round and round the square, looking for something that is lost.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        ah… GOT IT … the ziggurat had apartments and MINNARETS as one sees on a mosque, one beside the other in a slightly disordered fashion. The whole thing looked rather crude yet still amazing because
        1. you didn’t expect to see it there and
        2. it was clad in striking colours, like those of a beetle.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        mmm… the minnarets were not islamic ones but resembled the (cut down) pointy towers one sees in french/german chateau/castle architecture. Their pointed roofs began only a couple of yards, at most, above the apartments. A hint of a military function for these low pointed towers although they had the appearance of being to do with religion.
        It’s odd that I can recall these details. There are couple of dreams that re-occur, this may be one of them now, I don’t know.
        NY wasteland, however, is etched in my consciousness.

      • Hi RS;

        Well certainly, whatever the specific origin or architectural style, the message seems to be a dark, demonic spiritual origin as far as I can ascertain.


      • alphaomega37 says:

        i am getting the chills even remembering these NY dreams. The stand out feeling is LONELYNESS.
        An utter desperate waste of a WHOLE life, being deceived and led on into total loss.
        A continual fruitless search for life amidst a dead city.
        That is my interpretation of my what my NY dream is really about.

      • Again, RS, please find “The City’s End”* in your local library and read it ASAP. You’ll be fascinated with the history of dreams, visions, imaginative meanderings, art, movies, and prophecies specifically about NYC. Well documented and has impressive illustrations. My own dream actually ties in to the vision of A.A. Allen very clearly.

        Your dreams sound like the themes of several of the NYC stories/movies.


        *NOT written from a Christian worldview by any means; excellent, however, for “what it is”.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        all making sense now. When I was a young child, I had visions. One of them was the possibility of making lots of money in the city of London. However, I was also shown that this city was a desert where you could spend your entire best years and at the end of it realize that the best years of your life had been spent in the service of the kings of miserable commerce.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        not only did I see much of my personal future, i saw 9/11. Indeed, when I saw the massive buildings falling, i rejoiced briefly ( i was a child, It felt like justice, a part of my personal freedom fight.) The vision continued.
        However, where we are today…this is the final stretch… the vision of my childhood faith fades away into the glaring present..

      • alphaomega37 says:

        bit more dreaming last night. I was in a house, quite a good size with servants . When I started speaking, the material the house walls were built of began to burn at the top where the roof joists would be. This is a similar kind of material as the pyramid in the earlier main dream was being constructed of.
        I was told that one either spoke harmless words, a kind of bubbling babble or …and then I was ushered out of the building when it became apparent I wanted to speak true words.

      • alphaomega37 says:

        when I saw the buildings collapse (it was 9/11 alright, a massive sudden explosion in the buildings high up) I had looked up and saw them afar off in the distance. In my childhood vision I was fighting my own fight and suddenly recognized that someone else was fighting on a different front if you like. So i felt like i’m not the only one but that feeling was only fleeting as I also recognized that there was something very different about the protagonists in the buildings attack. Mine was a spiritual struggle, the buildings were to do with something more earthly. It was the sense of the sheer anger out of no-where that startled me when I saw the buildings collapse.
        I was probably around 7 years old when I saw these things, 1964 or thereabouts, cant be sure.

      • Well, RS, did you make the connection that 1964 – 2001 is 37 years? I know that you are an expert on the number 37. Too bad you don’t have the specific date of the dream; heck, when I was a little kid I would never think of writing down the dates, either (although I have trained my own children to do so).

        My own 9/11 dream happened on the very morning of the attacks, and it was brief (blogged on this site). It actually tied into “The Scream” in a strange kind of way, and I see just this week that the painting sold for a world record price.



      • alphaomega37 says:

        the 37 stuff is going hyper

        Yeah No i didn’t realize the 37 years but mmm wow. The very tree I had the vision under , the land is now all rebuilt and called “the abbey”.

        I am a bit under the weather at the moment literally, terrible weather here ( I run a small gardening business, v small), got a cold so time to look at those numbers.

        Thanks for that . 37 years till 9/11 from seeing it.
        I feel like i an heading to my own personal jubilee 2013 or 2014. You see, as a child I felt very threatened and made vows to the Lord. They have governed my life ever since.

        praise the Lord

      • alphaomega37 says:

        well, it was spring, the easter holidays of 1964 ( I guess). It was spring as I had attended the local church of england easter holiday bash. Guees I kind of got converted or redirected into the path ( I first met the Lord in my cot aged about 6 months HoHO . he explained that this sad world was not the be all and end all. I thought .. well, good, and went back to sleep soon after).
        So easter time 1964, the last days of the holiday ( I realized none of the other kids had had any like experience and went down the end of the garden just before returning to school to see if this Jesus had anything up his sleeve… i wasn’t disappointed).

      • Hi RS;

        I appreciate your sharing. Wow, when I read this comment, and a couple of others from you, it brought me back to my own childhood and I remembered more clearly how the Lord led me out of a fearful situation and let me know that He would always be there for me and had a plan for my life (this was when I was a frightened 5 year old boy). It took decades for me to understand; however, there is a university event I look back on as “key”, and I’ll be publishing a short article on this soon. As a Brit, you might enjoy the new writeup as it has to do with your national sport football . . . stay tuned . . .



      • alphaomega37 says:

        Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
        Arabic: خالد شيخ محمد‎

        Born March 1, 1964 (age 48)

        I reckon this has something to do with it

      • Yeah, KSM is certainly in the news these days, isn’t he? Interesting . . .

      • alphaomega37 says:

        just to explain.. in the church I started asking about the jesus guy in the stuff they were forcing us to absorb. No one had much of an explanation other than the usual stuff although the girl teaching us did seem to have a kind of genuine faith. So I thought, these people don’t know what they are sitting on. Soon after I began to see my childhood compatriots as wild dogs, un controlled beings. Guess I became a bit scary to the olduns watchin me. certainly unpopular ever since!
        A few days later I met the Lord in visions of the future.

  5. alphaomega37 says:

    and this crazy phrase came to me:-

    Obama sin laden (as opposed to Osama bin laden).

  6. alphaomega37 says:

    here is something even stranger. I live very close to (yards from) the village of Riverhead, in the UK. It is part of Sevenoaks, the rich (very rich, almost richest) UK town that serves London UK with it’s lawyers and assorted minted financial whizz types.😦
    In New York, Long Island, we again find Riverhead right next to Babylon, NY !

    Now, Riverhead is the UK’s BUSIEST village in the UK. It has two roundabouts BUT, despite a Sevenoaks bypass road network, it remains the same ( I remember in my youth on the trip to the coast my dad hitting Riverhead … we queued….. though that was before the bypass). However, they forgot to put in a the much desired m25 motorway turn off so the village is still interminably busy.

    It has the best primary schools in the land. It is human pride concealed beneath the cloke of civility.

    Jer 50:12 your mother shall be deeply ashamed, she who bore you shall turn pale. Behold, the last of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert.

    America’s demise shall be the UK’s nightmare.

    • Hi RS;

      You are indeed correct about Jeremiah 50:12. Thank-you so very much for giving us an in-depth look at your part of the UK; fascinationg!

      Great catch about Babylon, New York, and speaking of this have you read my article “Babylon, Babylon . . .”? Here’s the link-

      I find the “Sevenoaks” intriguing as well; a bit of research into the name origin might be in order.

      Thanks for sharing and please read the linked article!



  7. alphaomega37 says:

    As I said , I live yards from Riverhead. By definition, perhaps I am in a kind of Babylon (as Riverhead NY is adjacent to Babylon NY) in that where I live is adjacent to Riverhead. The parish of Chevening, which I live in, contains the Official residence, in perpetuity, gifted to the government of the UK by Lord Stanhope, of Chevening Place, the country residence for the UK’s foreign office minister and currently also housing the deputy prime minister , the atheist Nick Clegg.

    The spirit of the lawless one is strong here in a very cleverly disguised kind of civility.

  8. alphaomega37 says:

    Chevening place was also offered to prince Charles but he declined when the associated marriage prospect showed no interest in him. Lady Diana (his ex! wife) went to school here (now owned by ex harrods boss al fayed who knows there is a cover up but cant prove it). I swear I saw her visiting the petshop in Tubbs hill parade, sevenoaks, where she bought a cat. ( historical fact) in the seventies. I looked across the road , I was going up into town, and remember that odd sheepish smile .
    It was on the day the news was announced of her death, with my then ‘wife’ plus my wonderful daughter we drove down to the coast, hastings. Everyone was in London, mourning. We came to the traffic lights in hastings and, as soon as the remembrance silence came on the radio, the lights turned red, We were directly facing the sea, a perfectly calm, dead sea , as I have only ever seen once before. The second the radio silence was over, the lights turned green and we continued on our way to park.

  9. Deirdre says:

    I heard “weeks” when I looked at the picture of the tower. (I will have to read this article more indepth after my kids are in bed).

    • Hi Deirdre;

      Thanks for your input about the “weeks”. I pray this will be “weeks of years” and that a catastrophic judgment upon America is not actually imminent, though it well could be.

      Please feel free to add more after reading again, dear sister.



  10. Alison says:

    Just a thought after listening to the Anakypto Forum about Americas’ dealings with Israel. God calls Israel the apple of His eye (Zach2:8), Americans begin to call New York the Big Apple, Gilad Shallit (?) goes to New York and is given a crystal apple by the mayor.
    from Wikipaedia:
    By the 1960s, “the Big Apple” was known only as an old name for New York.[18] In the early 1970s, however, the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau (now NYC & Company, the official marketing and tourism organization for New York City),[19] under the leadership of its president, Charles Gillett, began promoting “the Big Apple” for the city.[20] It has remained popular since then.[21] Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in 1997 signed legislation designating the southwest corner of West 54th Street and Broadway, the corner on which John J. Fitz Gerald lived from 1934 to 1963, as “Big Apple Corner.”[22]
    The New York Mets have featured a “Home Run Apple” that rises whenever a Mets player hits a home run. It has become a symbol of the Mets baseball team, recognized throughout the league as an iconic feature of the Mets’ stadiums. It first appeared in Shea Stadium, and the original can still be seen on display at Citi Field, outside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Citi Field now uses a new apple, one that is nearly four times the size of the original.

    Once again, “we will build something better for ourselves”. Could this be the overriding attitiude?
    This is what the Lord has said to me concerning New York:
    6th May 2012
    For you know that it is now a short time until the fall of America. There is speculation by some of my people that this is mentioned in My Word as Babylon a system . Of Course there is much sin all over the world and a falling away, lack of holiness. But I say to you that the time of the fall of Babylon approaches and this is a city followed by a nation. So New York will be destroyed in a single hour. The tower will come down first because this arrogant erection offends not only Me but Americas enemies greatly. They will vie with each other to take down this building, the Freedom Tower.

    I am putting this word here that more may see and prepare themselves before the Almighty God that they might ” rend their hearts and not their garments “. My thoughts and prayers are going out for the lost, but especially for America today.
    God bless

    • Hi Alison;

      Wonderful connections you’ve made with the apple and New York City/America! Yes, wasn’t this interview with Daniel really amazing?

      Thank-you for sharing this sobering word from the Lord for the people of America as they celebrate Independence Day. Truly, a few Americans are beginning to think “well, just New York City could be Babylon, I guess, but not the whole country”. This word you have received from the Lord puts an end to that fantasy, and of course if one studies the Babylon verses throughout the Bible it is clear that America herself, in her entirety, is the end times Babylon, a great nation, which will soon fall.

      Blessings dear sister, with gratitude for your intercessory prayers for the people of my nation, the United States of America.

      In Christ,


  11. Rob says:

    wow praise God I was listening to john’s book on CD and went my comptuer to check things out. In NYC . we are building the Tower of Babel. As i put in mordern day babel world trade came up. We are at God’s mercy wow wow mercy mercy for we have sinned

    • Hi Rob;

      Thanks for your contribution to the topic. Truly this is a modern-day Tower of Babel, is it not?

      The Gospel of John is amazing and lovely. Whenever I read Revelation, which is often, I like to go back to the Gospel of John and really take those words to heart. Usually John is also the first Book of the Bible which I’ll share with non-Christians.

      Keep our eyes on this Tower, for every day it gets closer to completion the closer America is to her demise. But mostly keep our eyes on Jesus Christ our Savior!



  12. Anne says:

    Cynthia, you quoted Psalm 75:5 which says in the Amplified Bible; “Lift not up your [aggressive] horn on high, speak not with a stiff neck and insolent arrogance.”

    That is what the Freedom Tower spire is — a horn on high. Like the unicorn, who to the occult, represents the “third eye” of “all seeing”, if not physically brought down represents a spiritual principle.

    Couple these facts with Joseph Herrin’s latest article, and the connections are awe-inspiring.

    • Cynthia says:

      Hi Anne,

      Yes, indeed, very amazing connections. Add that to Carlos’ findings of Prov. 29:1, what we get is a divine confirmation. God is truly awesomely sovereign!

      God bless…

  13. ray says:

    carlos howdy, last nite i was studying one of my favorite Scrip-spec sites, “God’s Geography” and came across this paragraph in the author’s evaluation of the 1980 Mt. St. Helen’s poptop . . . knowing that you and others, like The Divine Word, research biblical numerics, and recalling your awareness of the “doubling factor” in the recent/current judgments against babs —

    “When Mt. St. Helens erupted, what appeared to be a paradise was turned into a wasteland. After the eruption the mountain was only 8364 feet high, so it lost 1313 feet of its height (according to NASA’s Earthobservatory). Thirteen is the number of rebellion (Genesis 14:4). Directly in the path of the blast was Spirit Lake.”

    pristine Spirit Lake on the slopes of St. Helen’s was sterilized for decades by the eruption — the LORD’s comment on the Spirit of America, perhaps? also the sudden paradise-to-wasteland theme analogs biblical descriptions of babylon’s annihilation

    what a staggering paradise the LORD prepared for us in the American West, yet we spat it all back into his face, in the Spirit of Rebellion


    • Hi ray;

      Thanks for the info.! Also interesting about Mt. St. Helen’s is the year 1980, as this seemingly fits the timeline of Sir Isaac Newton as calculated by David Flynn; I’ve written about this in a fairly recent article with the simple equation 1980 + 33 = 2013.

      I totally agree with you about the “paradise” and how we have wasted it. Tragic.



      • ray says:

        you mean the article you wrote on 2/26 (2 times 13) of 2013? that article? :O)

        it was v important and current, but Flynn’s paragraph is brief and a little noncontextual, mebbe i can step it down a little, pls correct me carlos if i’ve misunderstood —

        Earth kinda wobbles going thru space, making a 26000 year loop called precession, so the planetary orientation of the north pole, according to where it “points” is constantly changing, “receiving directly” from different constellations, galaxies and stars

        Earth’s polar orientation has both astronomic and spiritual values

        the 26000 year precession is divided into 8640-year thirds, and Flynn is saying that in exactly 33 AD, the last “third” of the precession was 6660 years old, with 1980 years remaining to complete the precession in 2013 (6660 plus 1980 = 8640)

        Satan’s murder of Christ in 33 AD deposed Satan (666 with 0 a null) as planetary ruler spiritually, tho the physical removal was delayed, partly to await celestial “agreement” in polar orientation

        about 4000 BC, with civilization a-borning via the city-states of Sumer and the kingdoms of Egypt, guess who’s right in the middle of things? the star Thuban in Draco (Alpha Draconis) was Earth’s axial and spiritual pole-star (influence) then

        thus, we see the post-diuvial well immediately poisoned by the dragon, with the planet “looking” directly at Thuban

        thirds are important both Scripturally and occultly — triangular sorcery (goetic magick) is typical in masonic conjuring of demons, and thirds are important in Revelation

        one-third of the celestial host (angels/stars) fall spiritually and serve Satan, but in Zechariah’s endtimes vision, a one-third remnant is “brought through the fire” by Jeshua (33 is Christ’s sacrifice, plus 1980 = 2013, so here 1980 must indicate a remnant church)

        1980 stands out bc that’s the year in which the modern geo-tectonic sequencing proby kicked-off in America/Babylon-the-Great, with the Mt. St. Helens poptop

        another way to express the equation is this — tho 33 is a “prime” masonic and nautical numeral, it also represents Christ’s victory over Satan (and the World)

        it requires 1980 nautical miles to circle the globe

        1980 signifies the St. Helen’s eruption, and spiritual ignition of the prophets

        33 plus 1980 = 2013

        Flynn writes that most of Draco’s tail lies along the 6660-year portion of the precessional circuit (that ended in 33 AD), and there’s no doubt that period of time was dominated by the “tail of the dragon” in legion forms

        so the matter concerns the relative stages of dracoinic celestial influence upon Earth, with 2013 aparently a major marker, simultaneously expressing satan’s double-rebellion (2 times 13) and the joining of Yeshua (33) with his remnant (1980)

        the “God’s Geography” page on Mt. St. Helens helps image these concepts, providing the key 1980 event-link that completes equation

        praise the Lord he has us well in-hand, cheers

      • Hi ray;

        Thanks both for this review/summary and for the new connections!

        I can’t shake the sense that late 2013 is going to bring something prophetically huge. Perhaps this includes an awakening or revealing of certain of God’s prophets?

        Wow, so you’ve come up with “the joining of Yeshua (33) with his remnant (1980)”. Amazing! How does this play out? No rapture this early on in the Tribulation, but perhaps this is what I spoke of in recent articles referring to 2013 as being the year of spiritual “coming out of Babylon” and no more “middle ground”. This equation actually fits nicely if the active Tribulation were to begin this year with a major world war including a massive attack on Babylon America.

        Praise the Lord, indeed, as all is in His control.



  14. Deirdre says:

    Dear Carlos,
    You stated : Jeremiah 51:42 to 43-

    “The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof. Her cities are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.”

    These waves can be spiritual and physical! If this enormous earthquake occurs, it could very well wash over many cities…

    • Hi Deirdre;

      Yes, indeed. I’m expecting that most of these physical judgments to come upon America will be preceded by spiritual events such as “the multitude of the waves”.

      About these waves, some researchers attribute this to the effects of a tsunami caused by a comet or asteroid. I’m not so sure of this, as I believe the “great mountain burning with fire” is America herself. Rather, this could be an end-Tribulation event related to the great EQ which also splits America in 3 parts along the New Madrid and related faults.

      Thanks so much, and blessings,


  15. alphaomega37 says:

    a whole webblog devoted to this very question:)

  16. Deirdre says:

    Dear Carlos,
    I had some “musings” too. I’ll leave the link to your discretion, but this is what I posted this morning.
    Reaching For the Queen of Heaven Through the Tower of Babel on This Mother’s Day Weekend

    • Hi Deirdre;

      Thanks so much for linking your outstanding work here. I encourage all of the readers to study your related article about this Tower! By the way, I noticed that the Dow hit its highest ever point on the same day, Friday, 10 May, which was 1 Sivan. See Cindy’s article here about the date significance-



      • Deirdre says:

        Thank you for posting that. I read her article. I did not know. Praise the LORD for putting HIS people together and giving each a portion! All praise and glory and honor goes to our LORD and SAVIOR KING YAHSHUA. We pray that we are worthy to escape all these things. Amen? And we pray that as HE gives each of us a portion that we give it to the people both saved and lost. I pray people wake up!

        I mention in todays post the dream I had about the fault line. And it also mentions more significance of the World Trade Tower. “Sinkholes and Scripture: What Is It Going To Take To Get Your Attention? HAS PRIDE REACHED ITS PINNACLE?”

        I have to say my heart is really heavy these days. We all have repenting to do. There have been things in my heart that have not been of the LORD. I may not have ‘acted them out’, but they were there, in my heart, in my soul and I know this does not please our FATHER.

        I also want to encourage your readers that whatever things may be happening to you that in the natural seem bad, may actually be the LORD working things out to position you for further service to HIM and also for your provision. Truly it is time to let this world and its ‘things’ go!

        Thank you for all you do Carlos!


      • Hi Deirdre;

        Thanks for sharing! True, the pride is about to reach the top alright, and you know what that means . . . a fall is coming.

        Yes, we all have repenting to do, indeed. In my latest article I mention my “obedience”. This is not to suggest that I’m not acutely aware of my own shortcomings, as I am. I’ve certainly had my share of impure thoughts lately, for example.

        Yes, I’m convinced that 2013 is the year to “come out of her, my people” spiritually. May our families and friends wake up to what is now imminent.

        Thank you for your obedience as well, dear sister.



  17. Cynthia says:

    Hi Carlos,

    This is the verse that the Lord gave me regarding my vision of the fallen Obama with a brace on his neck which I wrote here:

    Psalm 75:5, “Lift not up your [aggressive] horn on high, speak not with a stiff neck and insolent arrogance;”

    and the words from the Lord which I wrote here:

    “Following the inclinations of your heart you have become hardened.”

    Prov. 29:1 which you quote above strongly confirms these messages; and how convenient that it is the only verse with the Sum Gematria of the Gematrias of those arrogant words and Obama’s name. What a divine confirmation!

    Blessings, brother…

    • Deirdre says:

      Amen Cynthia that you mention “Following the inclinations of your heart you have become hardened.” The inclinations of the heart are what is getting all in trouble! One could almost say that ‘inclination’ means ‘incline-to bend/ nation’ to ‘bend the nation!

    • Hi Cynthia;

      Thanks for sharing this with the readers. I know that I often use words such as “astounding” and “profound” and “confirmation”, but this verse Proverbs 29:1 truly is one of the more impressive and awe-inspiring connections to an event I’ve ever seen. And the way that it matches your own vision of Obama is “icing on the cake” for the prophetic nature of your vision, this event, and the times in which we live.

      Thank you God!

      Blessings and Love in Yeshua,


      P.S.: For the readers- many will say “English Gematria is meaningless because the Bible wasn’t written in English”. I believe that this statement greatly limits a limitless God. Besides, English Gematria is based on 6, the number of man, and English is the language of Babylon/the world. English Gematria is extremely important and far under-utilized; this is part of the “knowledge increased” we read about in Daniel.

  18. ray says:

    Wow, so you’ve come up with “the joining of Yeshua (33) with his remnant (1980)”. Amazing! How does this play out?”

    well bro i’m sure i dunno!

    i’m betting God wins tho :O) such a risktaker eh?

    as to 2013 as the 1980 and 33 sum, i’m not predicting anything, only speculating deductively w Scripture as guide

    i rarely attach dates either to speculations or prayers, and leave timing to the Lord

    in the beginning was the Word not the Number, good to remember, and it’s dangerous to dwell too deeply in digits — it can lead the less-experienced to kabballa and so forth

    there are some people among this remnant who are selected to research biblical numerics, and a certain level of obsessiveness in them is profitable

    my research suggests we’ve seen “the joining of Yeshua with his remant” intensely over the past decade, as good spiritual food was provided and exchanged worldwide on the net, the greatest Scriptural Movement in history …. really, the first opportunity for the individual members of the global tribes to communicate tangibly and instantly, and begin to understand who they are, where they are, and what is their house

    they are greatly spread-out and not linked overtly (not usually anyway) on the net — but the spirit will lead you to the right places if you obey and work hard, and i can think of mebbe 100 websites, mostly run by just regular independent Christian guys, that are bricks for an eternal temple that i wouldnt be ashamed to present to a holy God . . . diligent, humble, heartfelt, spirit-ful works, scrumptious and fit for Lord Jahshua

    the Lord is not asleep of our (admittedly pitiful) works!

    while we make offerings to his Temple, we move ever away from Babylon and her ways, and these damage satan

    this is how the landing strip is made…we are trying to weave a big Welcome Mat for a worthy and good King, now with Father, who was treated monstrously here, and we have to show him we want him, and that we’re not putting up with any nonsense from the world this time

    he’s very holy and we’re very not, so in different ways, Carlos, our puny websites show the world that our God LIVES, his Word biblically recorded is the truth, Father’s chosen King is Truth itself, and those truths have traceable, understandable (and to limited extent predictable) signatures in the phenomenol World’s events and personages

    our small glorifications of God silence the heathen, turn their backs, and open a door between ourselves and our Lord

    “Perhaps this includes an awakening or revealing of certain of God’s prophets?”

    the evidence led there, tho i wont presume to date anything

    revealing the occult and documenting satan’s movements is much less dangerous than publically discussing the good things that have happened recently, bc in this world good things must be protected, and often hidden

    but there is reason for great joy and comfort among servants of Jashua and of our beloved Father — the very greatest of joys indeed, short of the Lord enthoned and ruling this craphole planet

    wonderful things are happening Carlos, on the net yes but also behind scenes and quietly, and “awakening and revealing” seem also probable to me

    may Father’s KIngdom come, cheers

    • Hi ray;

      Thanks for delving into this with enthusiasm! Yes, the less experienced surely should not dive too deeply into the numbers, as this could lead them astray. That is for the mature Christians, the meat eaters, and is also for the few “gifted” in this manner. Here and there on this blog I do try to caution people. On the other hand, I am obliged to research the numbers and the Lord is showing me much as he is others as well. About the beginning, though, I would argue that the Word includes the numbers, as Hebrew is a collection of letters with numerical value. Of course, the Word is also Jesus Christ Himself. The problem is found in people who deny the Truth and also look for ultimate truth within the numbers alone. Another problem is found with number misapplication, which can happen even to experienced researchers.

      Great words you’ve shared about the remnant; thanks for the encouragement and leadership you are showing to all of the readers who are surely blessed by your thoughtful comments.

      Many Blessings,


  19. ray says:

    thx carlos, may Father and Yeshua be pleased by our absurd and paltry efforts

    here’s one of yr link partners, Endtimes Forecaster, with yet another facet of our 1980 formula —

    “Also as the video mentioned 5/19/13 is the feast of Pentecost. 1980 years ago at the feast of Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon believers with a mighty rushing wind from heaven and cloven tongues of fire.”

    his observation concerning Pentecost follows on our comments concerning prophets, the “church” etc

    the blog author adds that he was “saved” in 1980 — so, a tangential confirmation and extension of our conversation (with the God’s Geography author also contributing)

    the Forecaster guy suggests a possible event on 5/19 or abouts, not visionary but based on evidential probability

    sometimes such events manifest “publically” and are reported etc, earthquake or whatever, but sometimes the event is private or personal, and so isnt understood contextually until later

    a Dios

    • Hi ray;

      Thanks for the info. from William (End Times Forecaster), a watching watchman indeed! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, as I do feel that spiritually it will be an important day. Can hardly wait to see what the Lord will show me in visions of the night as I slumber on my bed!

      Right, speaking of events . . . back in the summer of 2010 I had a long, vivid dream I wrote up and entitled “Lost in Cleveland”. With the amazing events of 6 May in that city, I took another look at the dream. My “lost” location 2 miles South of downtown matches the monster kidnapper’s house area to a tee. Of course, there was no way I could have made that connection until “after the fact”, but there it was from a vision of the night. What I’m getting at is that I’m convinced that there will also be prophetic Bible timeline events that will be best understood in hindsight. Especially if, as I believe, a “countdown” has begun with no obvious correlated event but rather a calendar marker.

      Thanks for another strong contribution to the topic, brother.



  20. ray says:

    hey carlos, following up our discussion of william’s post, here’s the quote from above —

    “Also as the video mentioned 5/19/13 is the feast of Pentecost. 1980 years ago at the feast of Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon believers with a mighty rushing wind from heaven and cloven tongues of fire.”

    we talked about covert and overt potential for signs on 5/19 based upon the Pentecost doubling on this date, and on various calculations of unusual precision involving Christ’s age at death (33), the Mt St Helen’s eruption and its prophetic signatures, and the year 2013 as a judgment year

    in fact we got very overt and extreme events on Pentecost 5/19, a “mighty rushing wind from heaven” with the big tornado outbreak in the Heartland of Babylon, and tongues discussing those winds beforehand, seeking after the Spirit

    the LORD LIVES, he is understandable, orderly, and protects his own


    • Hi ray;

      Yes, indeed, it seems that events of this date did reveal/confirm the spiritual importance of the “marker”.

      There are times when the Lord speaks clearly through the winds!



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